Light and Joy Sessions

Light and Joy Sessions

Light and Joy Sessions are recorded audios where I am transmitting remote healing through the audio while also answering questions that are sent to me by email before the audio occurs.

The whole purpose of each Light and Joy session is to record an audio that will be Eternally beneficial for anyone whenever they listen to it, while also allowing people the chance to ask me questions to help shape the content of the session.

Existing Light and Joy Sessions are heavily encoded with healing energies and are meant to be listened to many times! Each session averages about 1-1.5 hours in duration.

I include techniques that you can practice daily in every session so that you can heal and empower yourself!

You can order new Light and Joy sessions before they occur so that you can ask me questions to help shape the content of each session!

Light and Joy

Raising Your Energy Levels!

I had a lot of fun with this Light and Joy Session!

I spent about 20 minutes talking deeply about the dietary matters and then the rest of the audio was a guided meditation through various organs of the body.

I finished by showing you a method to tap into the Cosmic Power of the Universe.

In this 1 hour and 4 minute audio I very happily discussed the following topics:

Taking manageable, directional steps toward eating in a way that will increase your energy levels

Body Activation Techniques

Liver – for detoxification and for accelerating metabolism and all bodily chemistry processes.

Kidney – empowering your kidneys for greater daily vitality

Nervous System – How to tap into the power of the Universe so you can run the body and not even need food!

Balance of the Rainbow – The importance of utilizing all the above techniques and ideas together as a team, like the colors of the Rainbow.


When you order, you will receive a .mp3 audio that I vibrationally encode with the healing energies of the call and this is a recording meant to be listened to many times and used as a guided meditation to assist your own Self-healing practices!

Light & Joy Session: Raising Your Energy Levels Part 1, $82 USD

Signing Up for Future Light and Joy Sessions

Remember that you can sign up for Light and Joy Sessions in advance if you want to ask me questions by email that I will then answer in the recording!

Signing Up For Future Light and Joy Sessions