About Me

I have been meditating since I was 15 years old, and I strive to evolve my being virtually continuously!

Working on healing myself, the planet, and other people has been the focus of my life since I was born.

I have worked constantly to make my experience life one of continuous, EVER NEW JOY!

I find my greatest joy in evolving the structure of my being to make my body more beautiful, healthy, and FULL OF LIGHT!

Raw Foodist:

I am also a raw foodist, which means I only eat food that has not been cooked. I find the greatest healing potential of a fruit, vegetable, grain, nut, or seed, is when it is RAW.

RAW FOOD IS GODDESS FOOD! Raw food comes straight from the Goddess, our Mother, Planet Earth, straight to our bodies!

Part of the work I do is assisting people to integrate raw food into their diet for lasting health and attunement with the Mother, the Goddess.

Spiritual Intuitive:

I am a spiritual intuitive, so my healing techniques can focus on whatever healing modality or region of your multidimensional being that you wish to focus on!

I use my intuitive abilities to reach your being across time and space so that during our phone call session I can be working with you in many dimensions, literally helping your being to heal as we talk!

I offer Private Healing Sessions as a Service!

I offer private phone consultations to assist you in any aspect of your personal healing, or your soul mission. I can help you realign with your highest spiritual self, and also help you feel connected to your physical body.

What we talk about on the phone is only one aspect of the healing that I provide, for while I am talking to you physically, the other aspects of my being can be working with you in the higher dimensions to heal you in accordance with the wishes of your highest spiritual self.

For more information please email me at loveandjoy4all(at)gmail.com. Replace (at) with the usual email symbol 🙂