Higher Dimensional Body Activations

New Product: Higher Dimensional Body Activations!

Did you know that you have energy centers above your physical head?

As you activate these energy centers you enhance your DNA and can draw on incredible sources of energy to fuel your body and give you a whole new experience of life!

I am now offering higher dimensional body activations so that you can tap into the Infinite Repository of power present in these higher energy centers, which are not well-understood or talked about very much!

By activating these deeper energy centers, you can cultivate levels of radiant Joy and physical Beauty that you may not have thought possible!

I can do these higher dimensional body activation sessions remotely, or we can do them together during a phone call!

Higher Dimensional Bodies

You have an infinite number of higher dimensional bodies, each of which corresponds to a chakra somewhere vertically above your head!

As you activate these higher dimensional bodies you activate energies, lights, magnetisms, and other forces of nature to flow more and more into your physical body via the brain and nervous system!

The Science is Simple

The higher dimensional bodies each have a resonance with a color of the rainbow, and resonate with a particular organ of the body.

The science of activating these higher dimensional bodies is simple, and as we work together I can very quickly help you to raise your vibrations to ever-higher levels!

Clearing the Frequency Block and Ascending Your Body

Humanity has been stuck in a very small frequency box, due to misuse of technology and a misunderstanding of the Laws of Nature.

As I assist you in reactivating these higher dimensional bodies, you will clear the frequency block and begin to raise the rate of vibration of your body to whole new levels.

Ascension of the body means raising the frequency by super-activating the brain and nervous system.

As you activate the higher dimensional bodies, you ascend the body to higher frequencies which correspond to the higher dimensions!

Cultivate the Rainbow Body

As you and I work together in private sessions I can help you to recover all your higher dimensional bodies and then maintain them all in a fully activated state, so that you can experience the rainbow body.

The rainbow body is where all your higher dimensional bodies are fully activated and in proper resonance with each other. This generates an inexplicable sense of harmony, love, and joy!

Are You Ready to Begin?

If you would like to work with me in private sessions to accomplish these higher dimensional body activates, please let me know!

I would love to work with you one-on-one!

You can email me whenever you would like to get started at rama@evernewjoy.net

We can do one session or many sessions.

I would love to work with you by phone!

To set up a session you can call me at 908 892 5125

I am Here to Empower You

Even in one session I can show you the simple techniques that you can then practice on your own, but as we work together I can help you to rapidly accelerate your progress!

I want to give you techniques you can practice anytime, anywhere, to facilitate your ascension into the higher frequencies!


For a one hour higher dimensional body activation session I would charge $100

For a two hour session I charge $200.

I generally prefer the two hour session as we can get more accomplished in a short amount of time!

I look forward to working with you!

Again, if you are interested in working with me, email me at rama@evernewjoy.net or call me at 908 892 5125!

Victory to You Dear One!