My World Mission

Dear Great Beings,

When I was born into this world I knew had mission, a world mission, where I would be very much in the public eye!

My World Mission is guide to help people reconnect their bodies and activate the spiritual powers of their being for greater joy and physical beauty.

My World Mission is to help people to reclaim their power in their life so they can achieve their life-long goals.

My World Mission is to help the whole world to rise to higher states of consciousness.

Ultimately, my World Mission is awaken people their highest potential as Infinite beings, and help them to heal themselves and the planet!

It is also part of World Mission to help adults adapt the Light children, the indigo and crystal children, the children can flourish in role to anchor light the planet.

I have been working on objectives behind the scenes for many years, but NOW I WANT TO LAUNCH MY PUBLIC MISSION.

I have spent every spare moment:

in helping the light children energetically,
in analyzing the state of humanity in order to better help them,
and in support the planet as she endures her current levels of abuse due to modern technology.

It is part of my World Mission to help the whole world to join me in fulfilling Prime Creator’s goals for this world, which include:

the absolute joyful awakening of every person in the world,
the beautification of each person’s body and the planetary body,
the restoration of right government,
the restoration of a proper, loving social structure,
the transformation of the current burdensome money system,
and the return of Self-sovereignty to every individual on the planet.


My Role as a Spiritual Guide

I feel it is my role as a spiritual guide to help people attune to their purpose in life, and find their way in daily life so that they feel joyful and also become more and more physically beautiful!

I can help guide you toward whatever your goals are, while assisting you in re-integrating with your body and feeling more and more beautiful every day!


Helping You to Become Who You Want to Be

Ultimately, as a Spiritual Guide, my role is to help you become true to yourself, and be who you want to be.

And in this process, I will be helping you to attune to the flows of change on the planet as Prime Creator and all awakened beings strive to bring this earth back to its natural state of Beauty and Joy!


Publicity for My World Mission

If you have radio shows or TV shows, or know people who do, please do contact me so I can spread the information I have to offer around the whole world!

I would love to hear from you!

Please email me at if you have access to these important media sources!


Donations For My World Mission

Please note that all of your donations go straight toward enabling me to spread the information about self-empowerment and self-healing all around the world! These donations go toward helping me to do my work to uplift the planet and the light children through prayer-work and meditation.

These donations go toward facilitating my World Mission to uplift humanity!

If you would like to donate monies toward my World Mission to help uplift humanity, you can do so in the following ways:

1. Credit Card or Paypal:

Donation, $1.00 USD

Donation, $12.50 USD

Donation, $20 USD

Donation, $25 USD

Donation, $30 USD

Donation, $50 USD

Donation, $65 USD

Donation, $70 USD

2. Check:

You can send donations to:

Nathan Iyer
P.O. Box 231
Stockton, NJ 08559


Spiritual Counseling Sessions

If you wish to have a session with me, you can email me at, or you can visit my website for more info!

Victory to You Dear Ones!

With your support I can launch my World Mission to uplift this whole planet and all Her people!


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