My Dietary System: The Paradise Diet

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It’s time to have a DIETARY REVOLUTION!


What is the Cause of Over-Eating?

Now that I’ve told you I do want to hear your opinion, here is my opinion and answer to this question.

I believe the answer is one phrase:

“Lack of Proper Nutrution”

Here are some reasons why people claim they are over-eating:

1. Wanting emotional comfort

2. Addiction to chemicals in certain foods

3. Feeling an absence in your life, which you try to fill with food

4. Love of food, but you can’t seem to get enough of it!

I am sure you can think of many more reasons!

I think all of the above reasons are 100% VALID reasons to over-eat!

Here’s what I mean!

If you eat the RIGHT foods, you will get:

1. Emotional comfort

2. Plenty of the chemicals your body is supposed to be addicted to (they’re called nutrients and your body needs them)

3.The absence in your life will fill in, it’s called the required amount of energy that you need to run your body

4. You can eat the food you LOVE and get enough of it! Yes you can and should enjoy your food.

So all the of the reasons I have listed as the cause of over-eating you can clearly see are also reasons to eat the RIGHT kinds of food for a human being.

The key issue is:


And this causes what people call the symptomology of “over-eating.”

You may think that this is just my personal theory,

but I challenge you to try and prove me right, if you are someone who has experience with the issue of over-eating.

If you are someone who does not have an over-eating issue,

I ALSO challenge you to try my dietary system, because you can experience:

-all the benefits I listed above, especially the part about eating food that you are addicted to and love!

-abundant physical energy to exercise

-abundant physical, emotional, and mental energy to do your daily tasks

-happiness from your food

-wisdom from your food

-love from and for your food

-less pollution will occur in the environment if you eat the way I recommend

-my diet is the cheapest diet on the planet because you have zero health-boosting costs from
alternative/holsitic care or allopathic medical care

-you’ll live long and be happy the whole time



-ascension / bodily transformation into who you truly Are


My Dietary System: The Paradise Diet

So I imagine you probably want to know what the diet is that I am recommending right?

It’s simple!

It’s one phrase actually:

“Listen to your body.”

This means, when choosing what food to eat, really LISTEN to your body and what foods your body likes best!

But I can probably (note: I did say “probably”, the above rule is the only rule in my dietary system) accelerate this journey for you a bit with the following recommendations

1. Above all, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY, not me or anyone else

2. Eat lots of fruit

3. Eat lots of leafy greens, romaine lettuce and other lettuces like iceberg lettuce are great

4. Avoid eating a lot of fatty foods like nuts, seeds, avocado, dairy, meat, oils, flax seeds, hemp, etc.

5. Above all, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY, when determining how much quantity of food to eat and what foods to eat when.

That is my dietary system!

Listen to your own body!

I know it is the correct way to eat because your body knows what it needs for proper nutrition and you just have to really listen to what your body is telling you.

The additional suggestions about fruits and leafy greens are suggestions only.

The only actual rule in my dietary system,

which I call the Paradise Diet,


My promise to you is this:

If you eat as much fruits and leafy greens as you want, whenever you get hungry, for one week, you will be VERY surprised at how much your body transforms.

And you will be getting JOY and emotional comfort from your food.

And you will be getting all the nutrients that your body is addicted to.

And you will be filling in the absence in your life, the absence of proper nutrition.

And you will be eating foods that you LOVE TO EAT, but you will never crave more then your body can handle because you actually get nutrition from the food!

This dietary experiment will launch you in the direction of listening to your body more, as fruits and leafy greens are the natural food of a human being.

But to refine your diet further for your needs, and to judge what quantity and types of food to eat when, you absolutely must follow the only rule in my dietary system: listen to your own body, not someone else.


For More Detailed Dietary Suggestions

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Personal Message to You

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Victory to You!