Audio Testimonials

1. This is a 4 minute and 23 second audio testimonial by Dan, from Philidelpha. Enjoy! His website is www.spherebodysystem.com

2. This is a 3 minute and 35 second audio by:
Roger Haeske
The Eternal Teenager

3. This is a 2 minute 26 second audio testimonial from Sheo, who lives in Mauritius (island country off the south east coast of Africa)

4. This is a 1 minute 43 second audio by Liz from Boston, enjoy!

5. This is a 5 minute 39 second audio by Gabriel, who lives in Europe. A flying bat enters Gabriel’s room while Gabriel is recording the testimonial to add his pretty presence to the recording!


Spotlight: Testimonial For Remote Healing Sessions

Your sessions are truly a blessing, they have helped me reached a new level of self realisation and awareness in which I never would have thought I’d achieve alone. The help you have provided brought about subtle changes and are normally felt/noticed on a very deep level.

I finally understand that your work don’t directly offer help to change unwanted life circumstances, but rather they would help me to change the way I react to them, or perceive them in a whole new way, thus leading to a change in these situations. I find this very intriguing and enlightening.

I thank you again for all the help you provide and I look forward to many more sessions with you,


Stephen Lau
London UK


Body Activation Certification Course Testimonials

Note: People who take my 3 month certification course (we meet once a week) get the RBAP certification, Registered Body Activation Practitioner. The certification course can be an addition to your existing practice, enabling you to charge more per hour, or can be a stand alone practice wherein you can assist clients in person, via phone, or long distance in remote healing sessions.


Rama: Betty is a graduate of the RBAP level 1 course that occurred on June 30th, 2009. She experienced healing of a 10 year chronic issue that no one else could help her with.

I have had some pretty amazing experiences in my 70 years on Earth, but I must say that I feel the opportunity I’ve had in taking the Registered Body Activation Course HAS to be the HIGHLIGHT OF MY LIFE! It was not only enlightening, but an absolutely LIFE ALTERING 3 months! It has exceeded all expectation. I have no doubt that this is material I will be joyfully using the rest of my life! I’ve discovered I was also being taught things etherically (at a higher level), while at the same time Rama was orally teaching the Body Activation material in the physical plane. (He teaches on both levels simultaneously! Astounding!) And Rama makes the whole process such fun that the class time speeds by so quickly you find it is over much too soon.

Rama has such a wonderful way of validating and encouraging his students. I don’t think anyone could keep from rapidly evolving under his tutelage. I have grown so much through this process, that I feel I’m hardly the same person I was 3 months ago! I am definately healthier, happier and more productive, but also there is a knowledge instilled in my whole body that wasn’t there before. A “knowingness” of the BEAUTY AND JOY that composes life – that I am – that we all are.

And, now, at the close of this course, I am not only a graduate of the RBAP Course. I had a most wonderful miracle occur during the Practicum session when it was my turn to receive a healing! I had a long standing head tremor that none of the doctors, including several Neurologists, that I had been to over the past 10 years could even discover a cause for, must less cure. Yet, only one healing session from my classmates, that were also just completing this Level I course, healed me instantly!! To say I am deeply grateful to Rama and my classmates isn’t nearly enough to describe what is in my heart. I love them and bless them each and every one and am deeply honored to have been among this group participating in the RBAP Course.

Needless to say, I am really looking forward to discover what new miracles Rama has in store for us all in the Level II RBAP Course!

Betty Sindlinger

Stone Mountain, GA


Dear Rama,

I wanted you to know I found my mp3 player that I recorded your classes on and have been listening to it for about 3 hrs so far. My hair and scalp are REALLY activating…getting updated!!


along with that, my root center is also really activating to balance and update as well.

Since finishing your first level RBAP classes I find myself venturing into new areas healing and awakening. Even my family has noticed that “there’s something” about me, I even notice how much happier they are, too…it’s contagious 😉

Before I found you on You Tube, I didn’t know our body had a magnetic field and with it, we resonate with the people and world around us.

Listening to your videos about the DNA tubing and so many other things I’ve never heard of from anyone else, I found myself intrigued and wanted to learn more, so I went onto your website.

I found the free material, FELT the physical feeling of the magnetic field resonating with your words, had a “world-shaking” body healing from you on a phone session and then took your RBAP classes so I could learn how to work with my body more and through that, help others.

…and learning how to activate my body at will, knowing how to interact with my body’s magnetic field and the world around me, I find myself doing GREAT new things that I never would have had the courage…or thought… to do before.

But, sometimes our mind wants to fall into old habits. As the days go by, we get caught up on “living”. It’s hard to fall into a new groove when we’ve lived this one for so long.

Recently, I’ve been “trying” to get caught up on a mental level and wasn’t spending enough time each day to activate the centers and fell into a physical and emotional “bind” so to speak. The harder I worked, the harder things seemed to be.

Now, listening to your classes again (I’m so glad I found my mp3 player) I not only hear on a mental level what I need to remember, such as “What you think resonates out, perpetuating the continuation of what is already occurring.” I also “hear” on a physical level and higher level…strengthening ALL aspects of my being.!! I really do feel JOYFUL, Rama!!

I’m ready to “play” and REALLY be in JOY!! I’m finished working so hard at “trying” to be happy, for with that comes the need to TRY!!

Can you imagine? How funny it is that we fall into those pre-programmed traps that have been around for so long. “You can’t get what you want unless you work at it” or “No pain, no gain” or “everything worthwhile takes effort”.

When do we learn to let go and “go with the flow”? As much programming as there is out there right now, we need to keep reminding ourselves EVERYDAY that WE make our future, WE control our lives and emotions!!

But, in order to overcome the old programming that has enslaved us and all of humanity for so long, we need to hear encouraging words EVERYDAY … through your great classes and free recordings for example!! Although I have NEVER come across anything that gives me the physical feeling of upliftment, so to speak, as well as the mental encouragement in any other recordings by anyone else.

In other words, you truly do have the ability to transverse all levels of being.!! Of course, I know this from the great healing sessions I’ve had with you, I really wouldn’t be here right now if not for you (as I mentioned in the other letter I sent).

I just wanted to tell you, I feel that no matter how far someone thinks they’ve come in their healing, or emotional and mental growth, it doesn’t hurt to keep getting reinforced to meet the needs of our days while in this world, being subjected to so many influences.

When I listen to your recordings, no matter how many times…I hear new things that I know I didn’t hear before…I really think they do change to give us what we need at the time. Somehow, on a higher level, you help us become more receptive to our higher selves and it reflects in what we hear in the recordings.

I am so excited to be able to be part of your next RBAP class as I continue on my JOYOUS journey 🙂 I was going to say “path” but that gives the impression of work, or a hard path to hike, so to speak. It really is a GREAT JOY to know you and hear your words in ALL of the things you do…phone sessions, classes, free recordings on your website, even remote sessions. ALL have been wonderful, Rama !!

Thank you for being here, thank you for teaching so many the gift of knowledge about our body’s abilities, how we have this body for a reason while we’re here… and how we resonate joy and happiness to others when we feel it ourselves.

If we think for just a moment about what we’re feeling, we can also think of the effect it has, not only on our own attitude, but on others, too. Now I know why you say “Ever New Joy” because as we choose JOY, we perpetuate Joy, then others also feel Joy and send out JOY, and so on. Life is truly meant to be enjoyed!! In Joy!! True Happiness brings peace, comfort, Love… JOY!!

In JOY!!


Atlanta, GA USA


Rama: Sometimes my classes run a little longer than the scheduled 2 hours 🙂

Great class i was smiling and laughing for 3 hours



Florida, USA


Rama: This client is referring to my RBAP Course 🙂

“I am LOVING the course! In fact, its the thing I’ve been most excited about these last few weeks!!!! ….I listen, I practice, I have even been sharing body activations with clients and friends. People have been loving it! Especially people who can’t “meditate”, meaning they cant “clear their minds and think of nothing”. Because even those people can focus on and feel their own bodies. It’s great! Also my dreams finally stopped messing with me. Also, I did in fact receive that download about my business, and I have someone building my website this week. I’m super psyched! Also I received a download regarding a deeper understanding of karma and disease pathology which I had been asking for for months.

Also, since I started working with you I have been more imaginative, happier, infinitely more secure, more connected, productive and FAR more psychic.

You were the answer to my prayers. Thank the Universe for you Rama!!!! Victory to you!!!!”

Serena Dawn
Edewater, NJ, USA


I’ve enjoyed each call, but last night’s moved me so deeply… this opportunity to connect and share with others in this way, acknowledging the breadths of the truth of Being, at such soaring frequencies, is an honour and a relief!

Jodie Carter, Prince Edward Island, Canada.


Rama: This is a testimonial from someone who participated in my RBAP class which occurred on Tuesday the 21st of April, 2009.

Wow. Rama!! I was able to catch most of the call after all. I was late getting on but when I called in, everything went perfectly…

My focus was the flower, earlier today I saw a field of tiny blue-lavender flowers as I drove by and had to go see them… I had [her son’s] camera and took a picture, several actually, of all the tiny but very different flowers, so of course, tonight I was imagining myself as these beautiful flowers, then in the soil, as the minerals working their way to the “calling” of the flower…there was almost the element of SOUND in the magnetic harmony…the sound of the flower calling to the mineral that will make the COLOR of the flower as well as the green for the chlorophyll,

then I WAS the chlorophyll singing with the color of sunshine, becoming the nourishment of the world, then I WAS the water as dew in the morning on the plant, by gathering as molecules across the surface of the leaves, seeking yet harmonizing with the magnetic SOUND of the other molecules until we became the drop of water…movement through tiny vibrations yet in the field of JOY which IS sound AND magnetic pulse or attraction.

then I WAS the world, the EVERYTHING singing in this vast field of the Prime Creator.

I never knew I could come into the middle of a call and then suddenly have such physical BEING of the MIND…you know my intent, words fail to express this VAST JOY…now I get a glimpse of the knowing that you have every day, every minute…THANK YOU SO MUCH, DEAR RAMA. 🙂

I suddenly have the rush of emotion that has been hiding but waiting to be known, that which has been calling in the background since I “met” you in this dimension. I am so glad I called in, even though a bit late. You are… and exemplify everything you teach and say…thank you for magnetically “singing” it out to us…so we can vibrationally “move” to you through this magnetic SONG of understanding.

Much Love, Light, AND JOY, to you as from you it comes!

Thank you, Rama,


Georgia, USA


The rest of the RBAP Certification Course Testimonials can be viewed here:




Private Session Testimonials and Testimonials about the Free Information on my Site

Rama: This client sent the line below as the title of her email:

I Know You’re Working Right Now, ….

But I just had to tell you that I was reading the testimonial pages on your site, and weeping non-stop. It is just GLORIOUS and WONDERFUL how deeply you are helping and changing the light quotient on this planet … I am so happy and honored…!!! YAY YIPPEE !!!

Love, Hugs and VICTORY to you !!!!!!!!

Sasha in Canada


Rama: This is a testimonial from someone who is attending my RBAP courses and has also done several telephone session with me.

Dear Rama,

Guess what I just noticed today?
I’m actually re-growing hair in the front of my hairline!!

I remember you having said that a person can heal from anything, and this proves to me that your statement is completely true.
I fully attribute this to my implementation of all of the principles that you’ve shared with me. 🙂

I hope you have a happy, hairy day!

Dan 🙂


I am so excited that since our last session I’ve had so many wonderful experiences! One of the experiences is feeling my energy so strong and expansive – and stayed that way even while interacting or especially healing other people. It was like my energy dominates! This is sooooo good! I’m sure it had to do with the codings:)

Another one has been with sacred geometry which I don’t know a whole lot about but enough to know it’s powerful. I felt the tree of life pattern in my body, the top connector is my heart and the bottom is my rectum/root chakra. I felt that the other connectors also corresponded with the other organs like lungs, stomach, kidneys/adrenals, and ovaries. I know the tree of life is for everyone, but this pattern felt very much like it is for woman. I feel unbelievably strong in it! And I know I’m going to be using it in my healing work.

I am just amazed although I shouldn’t be! You’ve done incredible work before!!! I want to schedule another session within the next couple of weeks. I will be purchasing it through PayPal so please watch out for it.

HUGE VICTORY!!! So much love to you my wonderful mentor!



Dear Rama,

I just wanted to thank you so much for the two sessions you recently did for me – the emotional healing and the Mother Goddess coding.

I have really noticed a difference – feeling happier and much less affected by other people’s energies, more connected to Mother Earth.

Such a valuable gift…

Blessings to you Rama,
RM, Santa Rosa, CA


I cannot find words to convey how blessed i feel to have discovered your existence.

I have traveled India, Europe, the U.S., and South America. I have met holy men and woman and immersed myself in their practices (mostly Buddhism). Something was always missing and I found that they ALL encouraged further disconnection with this most divine gift (our bodies).

So I listened to my inner voice, not understanding why no supposed ‘enlightened’ beings were sharing the info.

THEN,,, There You Are!!! A Wonderful Enlightened Man sharing the Truth!!!

I truly feel that you are the greatest master/guru i have ever witness and your teaching are restoring the earth and All of us on her. Gratitude beyond words.

Wonder if you ever come to Florida or conduct classes wherever you are??

You definitely are my family and I Love You like the Earth Loves the rain after weeks of none.

Your simple practices have Immediately created transformation in my life and my families life. It is all happening very quickly and I am so excited about the future. It will truly be Wonderful! This time is So Magnificent as well and I am enjoying the ride.



Orlando, FL, USA


I just want to say how utterly grateful I am for you and for the life of abundance I now live because you helped a tiny little mouse see that she was really a beautiful golden dragon that no longer had anything to fear.

YaMa’EL The Golden Dragon Goddess

Intuitive Energy Healer | Higher Self Channel | Master Activator



The website I’m talking about is my friend Rama’s site.

When you go there, you don’t necessarily need to read anything.

Though you certainly can.

Just see what you feel.

Can you feel it?

Can you feel the raw spiritual power and joy?

When I go and view his site I get ecstatic. A current of joy rushes

through me. And he’s purposely made his site in that way through

what he calls his codings.

What you see and feel will depend on your level of sensitivity.

A month ago I wouldn’t have felt the same way as I do now by simply

viewing his site.

Roger Haeske,

New Jersey, USA

Roger Haeske is an author, Radiant Health and Fitness Coach and is known around the world as the 42-Year Old Teenager. Roger is the creator of “Savory Veggie Stews” — http://SavoryVeggieStews.com


“Your teachings, guidance, and healings are why I’m in this place of wonderment – THANK YOU!

VICTORY!!! Love, hugs, beauty, and joy!”



Rama: This person is one of my RBAP certification course graduates


Remember in school how we used to say which teacher was our favorite. Well you are my favorite teacher 🙂 you teach us all the fun things!! 🙂



Rama: This testimonial is from an RBAP student as well as someone who has done personal telephone sessions with me.

Thank you Rama, for being part of this world in these chaotic times!
I want you to know that you saved my life, literally! -Or gave me the tools showing me that I can save myself.

There were times when I was on the verge of letting go of what life force I had left in this life and giving up all together -never suicidal, but completely lacking any motivation or inspiration to face this world and what the society has become.

Yet through your teachings of those first few personal healing sessions and frequent codings as well as through the Level 1 RBAP Class, I have obtained the knowledge to continue healing my paralysis, regained and multiplied my own will a thousand times over and found my true life path and mission.

Never before had I even scarcely conceived the thought or possibility of ever new joy for myself in this lifetime -until now! -Until I truly learned to LIVE!

Thank you!

I intend to continue learning through your teachings and courses indefinitely. 🙂

Jake Fischer
Washington, USA

I have had the wonderful and enlightening opportunity of having both a personal session with Rama and taking some of his RBAP classes — these were extremely powerful experiences for me.

The personal session and the classes are both transformative and informative.

Rama is a fantastic educator who empowers those who work with him to learn through personal, direct, empirical experience and not from second-hand knowledge or opinion.

His work is focused on learning from nature, our remarkable bodies and energies, connecting with the higher self, awakening our infinite power, and so much more.

One always looks forward to Rama’s classes because they are very interesting, enjoyable, and most important in the material that is covered.

I thank you so much for the vital work that you are doing Rama!

Namaste, Shirin


Rama: This client ordered my c121 Mother Goddess coding and I also offered him some dietary counseling!

Prior to exchanging with you I was eating a lot of fruits, therefore somewhat neglecting the two other food categories. When you wrote ”2-3 pounds of greens a day is a minimum for your constitution” my body immediately started feeling all warm as if it was saying ”yes yes yes yes thats what I need!”.

And now that the Goddess Coding is fully active, I find it not only easier to feel and therefore heal even more so my lower organs but also the whole of my body!

It’s definately made me stronger, and my clients in massage therapy appreciate it a lot. I always feel at my best stepping into the massage room and know that whatever size my client is I can take him into deep stretches that before would’ve put a lot of strain on my back.
I’m also putting up weight rather quickly 🙂
All through the beauty of paradise foods and the wonderful work you do with your body codings.
Also I noticed that I pay a lot more attention to the textures, colors and lightings around me – making every moment a show of ever increasing beauty, that I very happily take part in 😀

You rock, brother!

Much love


Quebec, Canada


“Hi Rama,

Thank you for the session!

I’m definately changed, I mean more myself 🙂

All kinds of great ideas cross my mind the last few days, which I feel has
all to do with my soul mission.

Emotionally I’m more stable too, I have more energy and I’m more happy 🙂 YAY
So, I’m benefiting for sure.

The light child coding caught my attention already, so that has to be the
next one indeed.




“Thank you Rama! The long lasting chronic coughing of my daughter has gone after the session you did with her !”

Warm greetings from Munich – Germany,


Rama: This person ordered a remote healing coding from me.

Hi Rama, just to let you know I’m feeling each day my crown area is open bigger and my body full of energy can do so much more in my work.

I’m able to focus on my work much better and am full of concentration. Thanks for the healing.

In divine friendship,
Francis, Singapore


Note from Rama: The teleclass audios such as this client is talking about can be ordered here:

Telecall Order Page

This client is referring to my January 20th, 2008 telecall on healing the thyroid.

“I recently purchased a teleclass audio a few weeks or so ago, and within moments of completing the “thyroid” teleclass I felt MUCH more connected to my Self and body.

Every time I listen to this audio I find myself becoming more and more connected.

It helps me to further anchor light into my body and into this world which is GREATLY appreciated.

I’m also finding that I’m experiencing more energy, and clarity.

Lastly, I’m finding that there are many more beneficial things that appear to be developing that may not be stated in the audio description.

Thank-you Rama! ^_^

Ferndale, Michigan


Rama: I offer telephone sessions on eating raw food, I have my own version of raw food which is my Paradise Diet. I also talk about raw food in my RBAP course.

“You have helped put me in control in remarkable ways

one of my favorite things about my life is RAW FOOD!

I will never eat cooked food again!

I have been on raw paradise diet for a full week while working school and yoga full time and i have never had more energy!

My awareness of the body has heightened my perception of my own and others bodies, and how strange they some times look (humans) lol !

But I love and do not judge god is in everyone we are all brothers and sisters!

I have tried vegetarian vegan no red meat and ayurvedic diets but I NEVER FELT ALIVE UNTIL I STARTED EATING RAW FOOD (and only a week) HEHE 🙂

everyday I cant wait to eat raw food! the most intimate way in which we are connecting to earth and our body is by sharing her beauty through our amazing relationship of

LIFE! which for us is FOOD ,FOOD gives us life of the earth!

This must sound silly because i have been a human for 21 years BUT IF EVERYONE FELT THIS WAY WE WOULD NEVER HAVE ANY PROBLEMS!

anyway wanted to keep you updated on how I’m doing



Rama –  You can read about the codings that Dr. Razak is talking about here:
Rama’s Remote Healing Codings

Dear Rama,

I would like to express my gratitude for the changes occurring in my life since purchasing the infinite solution and c126 codings.

In general, I would say that problems encountered in my life, business and relationships can be readily solved. I am quite happy with myself and the confident that I feel whenever problems appear in my life knowing that solutions are there.

As recommended by you, I will purchase the C112 coding in the near future.

Abd Razak M Jim

Rama: Jacob ordered the c111 Energetic Protection and the c119 (Atomic Astralization Level 2) codings.


Thanks for all your help. I just wanted to update you to let you know whats been happening here.

Since your last two codings I’ve been experiencing ALOT of relief. I don’t feel spiritually attacked what so ever. The protection coding has been working in amazing ways. (( Its as if I’m no longer in tune or resonates with those stalkerish people anymore! )) I’ve also found that the heavenly coding has made it much more easier for me to focus on my goals and future.

I have to say that when the protection coding was being done my body got HOT lol. Not like a bad hot…but things started to heat up. LOL

The teleclass on stress has been helping ALOT too. ^_^

I’ll let you know whatever else comes up…as I’m noticing the codings getting stronger each day. ( Just as you said they would! )

All The Best – Jacob
Ferndale, Michigan


Rama: This client ordered my C111 coding. Here is more information on my C111 Energetic Protection coding

Hi Rama,

A lot of great changes going on! Thank you so much for the C111. It helped me so much while I was still in my former workplace. It still continues to help me everyday, too. Now I don’t have to worry so much about what others are thinking, etc, and when I clear my energy I can focus on cleaning off/out my own stuff and not everything from everyone else that I encountered.

A big hug to you for what you’re doing! You’re especially needed right now.

Much love,

Karri from Arizona


Dear Rama x x

Thank you so much for helping me to reconnect, miracles are happening and I love my body. Will go into details when we next talk but i have been practicing and with your guidance am on a wonderful new path x x

There are many things I would like to say but working with your guidance literally turned my life around

I have been given a gift, powerful tools to bring my whole world back into balance, tools that I use with ease daily with joy and wonder

Much love and thanks

MAT London / UK


Rama: This client has ordered multiple remote healing codingss from me and is sharing his on-going results from the healing sessions with me.

Hi Rama, I really feel wonderful, not sure how to tell you. Everything I am thinking of doing are coming through my way now.
Not sure how this coding works but slowly things happen for me. In meditation I feel so much connected to my higher self.

Ever New Joy I feel all the time.
Thank you Rama, you’re a blessing to me 🙂 By the way I tried to eat more raw vegetables, fruits and nuts now and loving it. Thanks for sharing your Lightning Fitness talks.

In divine friendship,


Dear Rama,

It’s been 8 days since you sent the C132, I think I got the full effect.

I am dealing with people the way I have always wnted to.

Focusing only my truth and able listen to other’s reality with out giving my opinion.

What a relief!

I also am full of energy Thank you. ”

British Columbia, Canada


thank you for helping me call in my true wishes and prioritizing. I have learned so many wonderful methods and techniques from you that have provided instantaneous results..

I know I am on the fast track to realizing my dreams…thank you

Ramona Louise
Texas USA


Dear Rama,

Hello to you. Once again, many thanks for your healing session on Friday over the phone.

I just wish to tell you I have started with your dietary suggestions the following day. Now I have arrived on Day 4 and I am feeling the benefit already. My energy levels are greatly improving and my body has already started to tell me when I need to eat.

My sinus congestion is also improving and I have not missed cooked meals nor the food that I used to eat, which was of no benefit to me. Although, I have my ideal weight, my body never felt really hungry before, but since I started on your paradise diet, I feel hungry again and I won’t get away with skipping meals anymore, as need to eat now regularly.

Again thank you so much, you have been the most helpful of all psychic intuitives.

I have told my friends to visit your website and advised them to book their own private sessions with you. I hope they will, I have planted the seed!!

Much love from Pharena

Resident in:Europe, Great Britain – England,Norwich, Norfolk

Rama: She wrote this to me the next day:

PS Forgot to tell you that my varicose veins in my legs have greatly improved. I used to take Vitamin C for that, but stopped taking it in tablet form, as it was a heavy dose. Since eating your diet, the v.veins have decreased/greatly improved. Wonderful.


Hello Rama!

I wanted to say how useful I found our session the other day. I feel that it did the exact thing I asked, because I feel that I am back on track with improving myself from inside out. I continue to learn new things as I reflect on this session. I just felt the need to say thanks!

I wanted to make sure space was still available for the RBAP course before going ahead and purchasing it. I’m so excited right now trying to contemplate how much I will learn about myself from working with you and the other participants!! 😀

I hope you have a fantastic evening

With love to all

Dan, Pennsylvania, United States


Hello Dearest Rama 🙂

Since I had healing sessions with you, Rama, my joy has skyrocketed! I have far exceeded my personal goals in being happy and joyous, and I have learned to listen to and trust my body in a way like never before.

I had to learn more about this as I always knew something was missing in my energy healing, and I am so happy I took the RBAP course.

It was the best move I ever made!

The information was exactly what I needed to learn and practice, and it was soooo much FUN! I miss that and you!

I am forever grateful to have found you and to have you be a part of my life, not just as the most incredible mentor ever, but as an incredible soul!

Thank you for bringing all our joyous souls together my friend 🙂



Rama: This person ordered a remote healing coding from me.

I can feel different when I go into meditation, can feel the center of my brain area are activated. Very still and feeling the energy shooting up and opening my crown area.

Francis, Singapore


Rama: This client received one of my remote healing codings and felt a life-changing shift

“I appreciate the codings you’ve done for me thus far.

After the c120 coding I noticed my stuttering has considerably lessened.

I am able to speak more freely , with more confidence as well.

Which is so strange to me considering I always used to shy away from public speaking situations.

This is a fear i have been trying to overcome my whole life and i feel like I’ve gained a considerable boost on it.=)

Energy levels also feel more balanced and i find I can sustain them longer than before.”

Ramiro R.
Los Angeles , CA


Rama: This client received one of my remote healing codings 🙂

Hey Rama!

Just wanted to let you know that everything is going really well so far! I’ve been feeling pretty awesome! I feel like I can breathe more easily! I read about the Mother Goddess Coding and knew that was something that I would benefit from having help with. I ordered that one today!

Thank you so much for everything. I feel better and better everyday! I’ve also been listening to the free audio and it’s really been helping me to take things to the next level!

Thanks again!

NSW Australia


Rama: This client received one of my remote healing codings 🙂

This healing was so deeply powerful I felt my whole body, physically and energetically shift up five levels. Additionally there is a light filled healing process that cleanses out all the gunk, and one can feel that intensity working through the body, as if the cells themselves are meeting, or embracing, the incoming spiritual brilliance and re arranging themselves to hold the higher intensity.

This is not superficial work, it is a profound and deep restructuring of contorted energy wave systems, that affect the way one looks, experiences life and expresses the Higher Self.  Obviously the physical, mental and emotional changes are a blessed outcome.

Over the past two days, for it is only two days since I received this astounding healing, people seem to be looking at me in a different way, and walking softly around me.

There is obviously a protective process within this healing, that allows the body, soul and Higher Self to transform, without interference from every day life issues and people.

This work is exacting, and for the light worker who not only wants to intensify their energy field, but extend it outwards to help others,  a true necessity in my book.

God bless you Rama.

Jacqueline, UK


Rama: This client ordered my c121 Mother Goddess Coding

Dear Rama,

Thank you for the amazing Mother Goddess coding you did for me – here’s my ‘progress report’.

First thing I noticed was I woke up and my three lowest chakras were cleared! They had all been heavily blocked and kind of ‘skewed’ before, so this was amazing.

I now find it easier to clear them myself when necessary, which for me at the moment I have realised is daily.

Also, I’ve lost about 5kg, which is good because I was about 10kg overweight before, and I feel much, much stronger and centred in my body. This is great!

In addition I have come into closer contact with the divine feminine. I could not really perceive God/dess as female/Mother before, and now I find that through Nature and through my own body (also in my mum), I can.

This is perhaps the most rewarding aspect of your coding for me. So, big thanks!

Karen, South Australia


Thank you so much for the session!!!  The DNA Coding is activating wonderfully so far…I have noticed some BEAUTIFUL periods of UTOPIA, in which I am just in a state of pure joy and happiness, where everything is possible and everything just falls into place perfectly.

Last night, I listened to your radio show recording on the pineal gland before going to sleep, and woke up at 3 am literally BUZZING with a beautiful high! It was incredible!

Victory and Freedom to All!

Amy Bjork, Seattle WA”


Rama: This client ordered one of my remote healing codings and sent this email shortly after I did her session.

Hello Rama 🙂

You really are a special person who can do this things.

I feel a BIG differens. I feel much more strong and dont cry over things at all anymore. I try to work with my self when I have time.

Yes, maybe I need  Mother Goddes healing. I shall read about it and let you know.

I am so happy over this 🙂

Thank you from my bottom of my hart Rama.



Rama: This client wrote this after his most recent telephone session with me

“Dear Rama,

Once again I am humbled by the experience you provided for me.

It was everything I’ve expected and then some….this session we had is the very starting point of what the future holds for me.

All the pieces we discussed were already there but they were not forming a picture yet.

Now they do.

Thank you and I will stay in touch.”


Phoenix Arizona, USA

Rama: This client wrote this to me after having a telephone session with me.

“My body opened up into light and there were stars and galaxies inside.

My hair became electrified and I can now feel it all the way to the tips and my hair is long.

There is energy bliss all through my body now.

Thank you so much for showing me this! ”

L. Myers PA


“Dear Rama,

You gave me couple remote healing coding and each time my energy has become more powerful and so beautiful.

I notice every day that my body is slightly shifting, and I love it.

Also our phone sessions are every time wonderful experiences for me, they are very inspiring.

The beauty in you is that you want to give so much of your knowledge to others, so open minded, honest and with lots of patience.

Most spiritual teachers that I have experienced are different, they want to help others, but I have noticed that they create fear and try to keep their student under their thumb.

I do not experience this with you on the contrary; you talk with your heart and have helped me to become energetically more powerful, happier, and loved with nothing less.

A thousand times THANK YOU!”

Rachel from Europe


“FYI I’ve found every one of the Codings, classes or audios that I have purchased from you not only work as you say, but are absolutely life changing!

I could never thank you enough for giving me my life back.”


Rama: Here is where you can read more about the “Codings” that Betty describes above:

Remote Healing Codings


“Hello Rama,

I just want to let you know that your information is blowing my mind.  It’s as if I have the key now and I know what to do.

You explain it all so beautifully and clearly.

I’ve been listening to your audios for the past two days and will be using your techniques daily – I’m so excited…

Life is great and yes – I’m starting to remember what I used to think about when I was a kid in wanting to help others – not only remember but I can actually “feel” those feelings…

With all my love”


California, USA


“My energy level has been very high since the last session (c126) and I feel my mind is definitely clearer!”

Mary, Washington USA


“Hey Rama! It’s been 4 days since speaking with you by phone, & I’m still so completely blown away by your wisdom, power and beauty that I’m yet to find the words that could express my feelings of pure gratitude to you and may you feel it in knowing that

Blessed love”

Keri, New Zealand

Rama: Olivia wrote this after doing a telephone session with me.

“I am so grateful to you.

All the years of reading books and implementing processes don’t compare to what I’ve experienced in these few short weeks. NOONE ever said HOW to do it!

Many thanks Rama and I look forward to our next session followed by the certification!

Warmest regards,



“Dear Rama ,
Thank you so much for the coding! I came across your videos last week or so and I must say your words and presence are very deep , powerful and inspiring.The love and energy I felt just by watching your videos is incredible. I’m already feeling changes inside like there is warm light flowing in me. My interest in exploring my true nature and inner self is growing as well. Victory to you Rama! and for all the people on our wonderful planet that are waking up!”



Rama: This client ordered a session where he asked me to use my long distance healing abilities (remote healing) to heal his knee

“ok. well, the knee has improved a lot over the past couple of days, despite the fact that I was walking on it for hours at a time.”

Missouri, US


Rama Ji,
Here is what I noticed upon opening this from you. I immediately got goose bumps, my heart filled rapidly with higher vibrations and they are still spilling over and flooding my whole body with energy as I write this to you. Tears swelled in my eyes-and fingers are still tingling. The feral cat I recently rescued is purring beyond belief. This cat, never purrs-he is accustomed to living in survival mode – but now you should hear him- for the first time, he sounds like a locomotive)!

Glenda F,
Calif, USA


” I look forward to having future talks and sessions with you!

I’m now listening to my body’s needs much more than I used to thanks in part to you and your extraordinary site.

It’s nice to know there are people out there willing to assist in the spiritual growth of those around them.=).

With my own eyes and senses I’ve witnessed my family at home heal and get better just by healing myself, it’s so fascinating! Victory To You Rama!”



Rama: This client ordered the c118 atomic astralization coding

The day after my session I experienced euphoria or nirvana in a way hard to describe! I did even miss my Yoga class which normally doesn’t happen. And I thought it no longer mattered; I didn’t want to lose that special feeling by any means!

I remember sitting in the living room and having my lunch shortly before I go to work, while there was a soft old piece of music playing, from a distance and it could hardly be heard, I could literally have stayed there for ever.

I noticed that my aura got bigger; by the way people treated me the next day. Total strangers would say hello to me and give me the way as if I was more visible.
My skin seems to keep improving too.

Alireza Tabatabai
Glasgow, UK


“Thank you for the report and I am glad to know that all is going well! I was able to meditate last night during most of the session, which was great. I experienced a swirling green-gold energy surrounding my physical body in the shape of the infinity symbol as the session was taking place. Very cool! I must admit that afterwards I felt more grounded and much less prone to over-react emotionally.

Mary, Washington USA


Rama: This client ordered the c111 Energetic Protection Coding

“I wanted to mention that I am feeling the unfolding
of our Protection Coding in a positive way.

It has greatly assisted me with
changing my diet habits and persevering on new healthy habits such as
walking every day as form of exercise!”


Note from Rama:
Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea.


Rama: This client ordered a custom remote healing session to help him with his ability to start doing healing work 🙂

“Hi Rama,

Thank you very much!

I feel myself absolutely different, but better. I feel more balanced because of the orange center healing, more emotional solid. That’s a good thing, because that is a blockage to be intuitive also. It blocked my concentration for that.

And I also feel bigger, more open, more powerful. Meditation goes a lot better also.”

Nick from the Netherlands

Rama: Nick emailed me a few days later to say:

“Rama, I feel so excited and joyful! 🙂

What I wrote was just the beginning, I feel I keep growing and growing and growing everyday.

I’m very excited and very good things are also coming on my path, which help to grow even further.

Too much to write, really…

Thank you very much for bringing this joy and light (I can feel it now) to

the earth and people!

I will contact you in a week or two for another remote session, I look

forward to it.”




Hi Rama:

I am certainly enjoying your newsletter. I also wanted to let you know that our remote healing session from a few weeks ago has been most beneficial. I am feeling very happy, balanced, productive and creative.

Mary Ferguson

Ontario, Canada


This client ordered the c123 light child coding for his son:

“[Our son] is doing great, he really had a complete turn over after the session. He is doing wonderfully. Thank you.”

Carlos Naranjo




Rama: This client purchased one of my telecall audios and described how repeatedly listening to the audio is a very beneficial practice. I encode all my telecalls with eternal vibrations so re-listening to them will continue to benefit you as often as you listen to them!

I purchased and used the Affirmation Enhancer Tool extensively for 2 weeks during which I experienced dramatic positive changes in my physical, emotional and spiritual life as a result of using the tool. After the healing of all my past trauma and pain was complete I was still feeling that there was something blocking me from experiencing a steady state of pure joy.

So I purchased and downloaded your audio telecall titled “February 20th, 2008, Stress Relief and Emotional Healing.”

The first listen through of the telecall was very educational as I followed along with your instructions to focus on various parts of my body…

During the second listen through of the telecall, I felt a spark of pure joy right in the middle of my lungs and I thought to myself “That’s it! There it is. That’s what I want!” and then it went back into hiding within me…

Then I listened to the telecall a third time and that little diamond of joy decided it liked being in me and by the end of the third listen the joy rushed into me full force and I now feel a complete ever new joy that has made a home within me.

Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for you Rama, and all the wonderful beings you work with to bring these healing teachings and codings into the world.

My message to anyone reading this testimonial who may not be sure whether to purchase a healing product from Rama is this: set aside your fear… step into the healing waters that Rama offers… pick a product that seems the most appealing and purchase it. See what amazing changes happen in your life. Take that first step and see for yourself what is possible within you.

Peace be with you,


Illinois, United States

Rama: You can order telecalls like the one Jay is talking about here:

Ever New Joy Telecalls


Dear Rama:

I want to express my deep appreciation for the guidance you provided me during our two-hour telephone consultation. I wished I had scheduled a 5 hour phone consultation with you, because you covered so much territory. I felt the knowledge you possess came from such a sincere and honest realm. It definitely helped me shift my consciousness around my raw diet, and how I perceive my health. You helped me realize we are not meant to be followers, rather we can empower ourselves and take our choices into our own hands…through the power of our own intuitive guidance systems. Since our session, I have felt freer in mind, body and spirit. Worry about what food choices or previous systems have simply faded away. My mental state has also felt much clearer and I appear to have a better grasp on how I want to attain my next level of healing. It is a miracle that I have not had one panic attack since speaking with you and receiving your healing code(s); where prior to speaking with you, I had them several times per week which made it quite difficult to leave my house to drive anywhere. Now, I feel a sense of peace, reassurance that all is very, very well. That I can now go forth and make the right choices that will lift me and my spirit to new heights. The words “Thank you” could not adequately describe the appreciation I feel right now. I look forward to learning even more from you Rama.

Your Friend,

Jason Nee

San Francisco, USA



You know since i know you and since you did sessions on me, all my friends are changing and uplifting also!

They all become consious about eating and their health and most of them try to eat more raw and stop eating junk food.

So to conclude: i feel great!”

My name is Merijn and i live in Brussels Belgium!



Rama: This client ordered the c119 Anchoring in Your Heavenly Reality coding and describes the benefits she experienced, among other things

I listened to your radio interview today on Talk Shoe and I loved it!! I love listening to you and you mentioned something on the show I completely forgot about…your songs!!! I have downloaded them and while listening I was like a little child, or better yet, an excited monkey jumping up and down feeling so happy listening to them. Thank you for sharing them with all of us 🙂

Also I want you to know that I am feeling so wonderful these days since the level 2 atomic astralization coding you gave me. I have this most amazing sense that I am already in heaven – constantly!!! And my life is moving, in fact, my life partner and I are talking about getting married this summer! I really want to do it, it’s so spontaneous and I love that!!!





….You know what, i honestly must say that i praise all of the hard work you do, and am happy for what you (and everyone else) gets out of your good work. I really am actually quite greatful for it all!

See, i have been meditating and getting into the (not so), hidden aspects of everyday life some time around the age of 14 (possibly younger, i am now 16), and i can sympathize for all of the growing pains you must have gone through to ground your dreams (i have a sneaking suspicion that i have many more to go,lol).

I mean, its so hard to find someone like you now and days, (well, at least to the undescerning eye), who can rise high another long forgotten path through example and the sheer resonance of your teachings. i like to try and stay away from many spiritual “masters” or “gurus” for the reson that so many of them either intentionaly steal your power, or are manipulated by outside forces to do so. But i dont find that in you.

I must admit this, i had my suspitions in the beggining, but after a while i have come to the conclusion that you are the real deal. you have both directly and indirectly influenced for the better my understanding and applications of everything from Alkhemy and energy control, to etheric/scalar super-potential dynamics and non-destructive phase conjigance. you have miraculacly gone the way of the ancients to discover things through nature, and through the body, that i have only seen disclosed by the original alpha and omega order of melchizedek (and that carries significant weight).

The hidden and complex information of the old orders are now distilled and layed out nice and simple for everyone to benifit from, and you are one of the ones at the head of these brilliant times, for everyone you teach, they shall teach 10, and even more. i know i have 🙂



in gratitude, Kody, the californian

p.s. i almost forgot to mention how amazing your activations are,

W O W !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey Rama !

I wanted to check in with you and let you know what I have been up to recently. I have been feeling so great! All kinds of beautiful creations have been flowing through me…

I want you to know that you were a very positive and healing figure in my life when things weren’t going so well physically and emotionally for me.

You and a few other special friends were there to help me to pull myself out of the darkness and into the light.

You are doing a really important service and I thank you!!!

Much love to you always.

Happy summertime!


California, USA

She wrote later:

Aaron wanted me to add that he’s very thankful that you’re on the planet doing what you are doing. Victory!


Dear Rama,

Thank you for the Mother Goddess healing, it’s just what I needed at this time and I can feel it working in me more and more. Yay !

On the evening of the healing, I could feel my head and body tingling, opening, connecting and I just wanted to lay down and relax…

Later, I felt a black pain in my solar plexus – and realized it was the pain of disconnection, from my own power, and the memories of situations where I was forced to give it up, and then subsequently gave it away myself, as a pattern, arose, – and then I felt beautiful waves of light flowing through this area.

I have never had a strong bodily awareness of this before, although I have looked at the issues in counselling, and it feels that, amongst other things, this coding is healing this in me now. Thanks to you Rama ! 🙂

I’m having some amazing experiences of greater connection to my body, nature and life situations, and I feel stronger physically and emotionally. I have lots more energy,lost weight and look relaxed and healthy facially.

I am also finding my strength/power in situations that would have previously diminished and affected me adversely. I feel happier :)), less stressed and more aware of my body and energy responses to foods and external stimuli, other peoples energy etc.

So, in all,things are going wonderfully well and I’m full of gratitude for this coding, and finding you and ever new joy, when I was lost in the darkness.


Lots of love and thanks,


and my state is Joy ! 🙂


I wanted to thank you for your energy and how it has helped me since I have began working with you. There have been times when I could feel the energy you bring come through me and into my world, into the lives of people around me. Sometimes I can hear the annunciation of my words slightly change to mimic your energy, and there have been times when I’ve sung your song in my mind, using them as a way to radiate divine spiritual light into the world through my mind. Tonight I was singing some of your music in my car…

This message was a share and thank you.

Love and Light


Virginia, USA


Great Rama!

I want to thank you for your work!!!

I really can feel that something has happened in my brain…

I am so positive and when a negative thought is comming it is beeing stopped.

When my friend Susanne ( who is a powerful healer) was going to heal me she said that it felt that my positivity healed her aswell.

She could feel a difference in my entire being and said that I felt very pure…so you must have done a powerful healing!

Thank you!





Thank you Rama! You are amazing! I can only thank the creator for creating such a beautiful spririt who was able to cultivate and manifest the healings you did and then allowing me to find you or leading me to you.




Massachusetts, US


Dearest Rama,

Thank you so much for this amazing healing! All is truly well!! As I have felt the increasing benefits over time, I am now feeling guided to offer a monthly group meditation with mini-readings and the first meditation I would like to share with the group is on clearing/healing the emotional body using your techniques from the radio show…..I would like your permission to do this before I get started!

I have done so much energy work in my past but never before have I been able to anchor it so deeply in my physical body…which I haven’t felt in so long! Always out there in the ethers! But now, I can feel all that wonderful energy from the ethers inside my body instead of just around it!!! I am so thrilled about this! I am being guided to become certified as well, so that should be coming soon! I can’t wait!

So if I may have your permission to share the meditation from the radio show on the emotional body, but perhaps in my own words, I will move forward on this group.

So much love and blessings sent to you, Rama! Hugs too!

Pamela D.

Groton, MA USA


Rama: A few days later Pamela (the above testimonial) wrote the following:

I can’t express how immensly pleased I am with your work and all that you have to share with us (as I am sure I speak for many). I fully intend to spread the word to friends and family!

Victory to YOU! Much love,

Pamela D.

Groton, MA USA


I can’t thank you enough for doing these remote healings for me. They could not have come at a better point in my life than now. I can already feel a major difference in my overall attitude and mood. You’re doing a great job.

Cameron Coelho

Connecticut, USA



Rama: Alexa posted this comment on one of my videos on You Tube!

“I just ran and skipped around my neighborhood because I am filled with so much joy.

Thank you Rama for sharing all you have learned.

It has helped me discover myself in ways I cannot find words for.”

Alexa Robinson

Arizona, USA


Hi Rama,

Thank you!

I awoke early rather than sleeping in on a day off and I felt refreshed. I feel lighter overall and I am still feeling the top of my head and the sides of my face. Standing outside was really fascinating as I felt the energies of nature, …the crispness in the air the connection with trees and even the bees and the birds buzzing all around. A newness to it all. I am still processing this and its still early I can still feel myself receiving energy…An aliveness within and without! I am sure I will have more to share as I open up more to this all. I feel an overall sense of peace, and PATIENCE that I thought I never had. an easiness, a sense of calm…..

Thank you Again,

Peace, Love and Light!


Massachusetts, US

Rama: A few days later she wrote this email to me:

You are an Angel !!!! Did you know that?

You have spread your wings and you are here to help us spread ours….

I am speechless!

Please add this to my testimonial People need to know this….





Hi Rama,

After watching your video today, re giving, I felt I wanted to give you some feedback, as I REALLY appreciate all you are doing and your newsletters, songs and videos.

The radio interview you did on ‘Blogtalk Radio’, with Tamid, about the Goddess three chakras and Kundalini, was great, and I have listened to it several times as a meditation – each time finding new information, and feeling connected to these chakras, and empowered…

I love the video promotion for your upcoming healing course, so natural and intimate, and I’ve watched it lots.

I’m not used to seeing auras clearly, and yours shines SO brightly, I’m mesmerized, and the energy is amazingly high – WOW !

I can’t watch it before bed or I never sleep!

BTW The handstand is brilliant, and now I know how you get your hair to stand up like a pineapple !! 🙂

Rama: Crystal is referring to this video,


THANK YOU ! for the Mother Chant – This poem and song are SO POWERFUL !

I was in floods of tears reading the poem, it touched me to the core, and brought up emotional stuff re mother issues – Tears of release.

Listening to the song is amazing, it is so beautiful and tender, and as I listened in meditation I felt as if I was being surrounded by an energetic womb, loved, held and protected.

Listening to it outside, in the woods and at the coast it amplified my feelings of connection and love for all, and by all of nature – Tears of joy.

Rama: Crystal is referring to this song,


Thanks for everything,

Love and a big orange hug 🙂


Cornwall UK


Hello Rama!!!!

It was so wonderful to talk to you the other night. You are continuing to help me with my goals so wonderfully! I am continuing to feel my blazing sun as well as keeping my intention focused on the ‘foundation” of being the increasing vortex of energy as what I radiate is then given back to me, as well as noting the protection for others from my intensity so they may percieve what they want or not percieve me at all.

Also, thank you for helping me get organized on my business plan! I am excited about this…

I look forward to another session with you in the near future. I am so pleased to have “met” you and make a new friend!

Much love, blessings and VICTORY! YAY!

Pamela D.

Groton, MA USA


Rama: This client wrote this email the day after she had a telephone session with me.

“Being able to speak with you has been the highlight of my life! Thank you so very much for sharing your profound wisdom, insight and precious healing energy with me last night…

🙂 You literally are the answer to my prayers!”


Betty Sindlinger



I must tell you that you have become a part of my everyday life……I cant live without you…!!!….I walk around with my MP3 glued to my ears listening to your audios over and over again….I would say 23 hrs outta 24…..maybe not quite but close…I take you with me to bed at night…I fall asleep with your voice in my ears….I wake up in the middle of the night with the earpieces out of my ears and somewhere between the covers…..I pop them back in my ears with eyes shut and in the darkness of my room, there you are again….your voice still speaking to me…..I fall asleep while listening to you so when I wake up during the wee hours your voice is still there….your voice is always close at hand….I feel so secure and protected and nurtured by your voice…and especially by what you are saying…..can’t really explain…I do the body activations everyday….which I have downloaded from yr website…..

thank you again for being there for me…..I hang onto every word you say….you the one that helps me through the day…you keep me motivated…..you opened my eyes….you changed my life….thank you Rama…I love you……


Capetown South Africa


Dear Rama

Thank you very much for your advice and an advice about my son. I am very pleased that my anxiety about my son and his future had gone. Thank you very much for the fact that you will be doing the extra solar coding in the next session as well. I feel happier already and I am very grateful to you.

Best regards

Kazuko, London,Uk.


Dear Rama,

I LOVE this song and video, it feels like basking in front of a cosmic sun lamp, radiating golden light energy which flows right thro’ my body.

Each time the experience is more powerful.

I’m feeling very LIGHT and HAPPY !!

Thankyou SO much for this gift, and all you are doing.

LoL (which stands for Lots of Love 🙂


Cornwall UK

Rama: The song and video this client is talking about can be viewed at my video gallery, it is the Infinite DNA Video (after the remote codings section of videos)


Rama: This client ordered the c112 coding.

Rama . Thank you SO much!!! I had dozed off and I woke up with a wash of clarity and peace and stillness that was so beautiful!!! I was pure light. And then I went back to sleep and slept deeply.

This morning I wept many tears…actually several times today… like old grief just pouring out of me. When I go for my evening walk in the forest with the almost full moon tonight, I”ll attune with the coding from that space.

My crown center is calling to the moonlight already!

You are definitely a most wonderful connection at the perfect time and I am so grateful.

I have a question about the emotional healing coding which I’ll send later.

love and gratitude


North Carolina

bodywork therapist/ sacred dancer



Rama: This client began working with the crown and 3rd eye / pineal gland body activation audios on my site after she had a session with me and I recommended these techniques to her. As you can see I work with clients all over the world.

Hello Rama.

I want to tell you that, i had a nice experience with the crown and 3 eye advise you have in your page. Before i used to see things, like signs with my eyes open. And like 4 -5 mnd ago i got depresed, and i stoped to see. Yesterday, wile i wos doing your practice, i sow somthing agen. It wos a mix of symbols and letters, that stod oute, in light. I have no idee that it said, but im really glad that my sanses are on agen. Thank you

peace n love

Renee, Norway


Rama: This client is referring to a story I told in one of my newsletters. You can sign up for my newsletters here: https://evernewjoy.net/signup.htm


Thank you for sharing your story with me, Rama. I can relate a lot to your personal experience growing up. I am a professor and transpersonal therapist and am really interested in working with you. I have been using the body activations in the Rama Radio for more than 3 months and have had wonderful results. I have integrated some of your healing activations in my work with clients. I have put a link to the “Ever New Joy” site on my webpage.…

Dr. Claudia Correa

The Project for Integral Healing Education

Los Angeles, CA



This client is referring to my recent telecall series about Following the Changing Flows of Money, telecall id’s 1134-1136. You can order this telecall series here.

Dear Rama.

I want you to know that I really have noticed a big difference in myself already. l’ve also noticed things happening throughout each day since our classes began. The first day I felt a lot of body activation. I started getting more excited about the possibilities ahead of me, I felt more confidence and security than I’ve noticed in quite awhile.

The second day I not only had great ideas covering all areas, I also noticed “clues” coming to me to help choose what to do first. For Example, I just happened to find a photoshop book about websites and “color composition” Logos, etc at the store for a dollar! Later that night, you mentioned that we’ll need to get a website started to help us with our business.

While waiting for our class time, I found information online about small business Meet Ups for various groups and other information related to being a coordinator or networker. I have always enjoyed helping people find what they need and most of all, helping people get well. I no longer want to be a doctor in the formal sense, but I still want to help others get well. I know your Body Activation Program will be what most people will benefit most from so my long term goal is becoming certified through you.

My immediate goal is to be a holistic healer networker online as well as locally. I already have arranged a meeting place for a Native American coming in from Wyoming to give his talks here in Atlanta and the local area.. Things are starting to “fall into my lap” so quickly now. It’s as if the things you talk about in the class are verified BEFOREHAND during the day!

I have just finished day 3 and continue to feel strong body activations as well as information “mysteriously” coming to me concerning the next step in getting established. Whenever I feel uncertain, I listen to the recording of the previous class and find the answer almost immediately.

I am so grateful for your logical explanations (to help the mind) and for the body activations and encoding (for the body) to help us get started “making money by following the flow of joy”.

Great Joy!!

Glenda from Atlanta

P.S. I don’t know if you need this as a testimonial, but you may use any or all of it however you wish.

I’m so excited about these new and wonderful ideas.


Dear Rama,

thank you so much for your work and your report. I feel you are right about what now needs to be worked on.

I have felt your codings work for my (better) blood circulation, – I feel warmer since…

I have also felt very animated and had a lot of insights about my life at night: in my sleepless (probably theta-) state I saw the bigger concepts of how my ‘absurd 3-d life’ all fits together, although with daylight I forgot everything, so can’t really talk about it.

But it was wondrous and awe-inspiring and I now trust that nothing in this life has been in vain, there was no ‘waste’ of energy, time or life force (as I had sometimes judged it): it just had to be that way to prove what I’m all about, – and I’m grateful for it all, without grudges…

For now, lots of LoveJoy and Light,

Margarete N., Santa Barbara, California


OHHHHHHHHH before I go.. I have the BEST NEWS EVER to share with you… the one who gave me the courage to remember I am a dragon and not a mouse and to begin my service to others with the divinity codes.. and that good news is….

On Friday… I had my very first ever… $1000 day !!!!!!!! and not only did I break the $1000 sound barrier (lol) that was my first big goal.. but that days grand total was $1,111 ALL 1’s a blessing message from my Angels of a job well done.

I was so happy when I saw my paypal account that I got up and did a happy dance and cried the biggest gratitude tears at the same time! I am surprised you did not feel me blubbering ever new joy all over the universe on Friday LOL or did you??? hee hee!!!

I AM YaMa’EL The Golden Dragon Goddess

Intuitive Energy Healer | Higher Self Channel | Master Activator


email: support@divinitycodes.com

Florida, USA, and Beyond


Rama: This client ordered the c118 coding after having done several other codings.

Yes, this session was awesome! I felt it much stronger than the other sessions. I real do feel myself vibrating higher. Thanks! I’d like to do the custom remote session…I just sent you the payment via paypal. What is your availability this week? Also, I might do a phone session next week…

Steve F.

Manhattan, New York


Dear Rama

Thank you for the remote healing session. I thought I would give you some feedback. I felt very peaceful after the session and slept really well, this was most welcome as my sleep patterns were being affected. Prior to the healing session I found that I was hypersensitive to the enegies of others and sometimes this was really unpleasant for me. I have noticed since the healing that I am able to be with others and not be affected so much by them and really enjoy their company. Even more noticeable I am more able to follow my own desires and my own path as I am not swayed by the dominant energies of others. My aura is much lighter and and as a consquence my body feels lighter as I dont feel weighed down by the energies of others. Many thanks to you Rama for such a successful healing.

I did dream about you last week. I dreamt that I was in a place I associate with my childhood and there were many people there who were trying to disrupt my life. I then walked around the corner and you were sitting under a tree wrapped in a white cloth meditating. They tried to stop you but couldn’t!

I have decided I would like to now have the c113 coding as I feel this would really help me. I will follow this email with my payment for this work.

Blessing to you Rama and many thanks again for the healing

Lesley Donnelly, United Kingdom


Hi Rama,

I am soo soo happy. After just three days of listening to your songs, and trying to feel my chakras more, my whole life just turned around. I cant even believe it. Thanks you so much.

Amanda, NY USA



Marilyn Kamna

Oregon, US

also known as:

SPIRITVIEW dba Visions x Kam and KamToonz



Dear Rama,

Since I found you on You Tube just 2 1/2 months ago, I have been feeling my body moving up in vibration every single day! I was probably near death when I happened across your video “How To Heal Yourself”.. I felt so weak and felt I was literally running out of oxygen during the day, even just going up stairs. I went in for a blood test for anemia but it came back normal. They suggested I come back for cardio tests since I had high cholesterol and recently developed high blood pressure. I have 4 boys at home and not much money for all these tests so I thought I’d better get online to try to help myself before the next appts.

I saw your “energy” I guess, out of the youtube searches, yours stood out the most. I had only a few minutes to watch your video before going to work but heard you mention the DNA being activated through the top of the head and quite suprisingly…I FELT my head “open” on top right before you said that sentence.

I never heard of that concept (DNA Tubing) or ever felt my body respond to someone’s voice BEFORE they mention anything about it. I saved the video to get back to right after work. I was so excited to hear more.

I knew right away you were “for Real” because I never felt a physical response to the mention of any of the Chakras. I have had some exposure to visualization and even went to a few “healers” before but never felt anything activate in me.

After I got home and watched your video, I went to your website and found so much information. I didn’t have an mp3 or cd to listen to your “gifts”offline but in the short time I had to review your material, I knew I wanted to call you as soon as I could.

I didn’t have Pay Pal or a credit card so I e-mailed you about Western Union. I forgot I left my phone number, but the day after, I answered the phone and as soon as you said “hello” I knoew it was you. I said “Hi, Rama!!” right away, You said, “I see you already know me, that means we’ve been working together already.” I felt like I was hearing from an old friend that I haven’t seen in years and it was so good to hear your voice. I asked about paying through WU while waiting for my Pay Pal acct to activate and you responded that it would be fine.

We set up a time, I said 9pm would be fine but I THOUGHT I should get the boys to bed first but then it would be late. Right away, you said, ” I can do a later time, I stay up late”, as if you heard me! Another confirmation that you were the real deal. I was able to take care of my boys and then talk to you for an hour without worrying about them or being interrupted.

Even before I called for the appt I felt pressure on top of my head but from the inside-out, against the inside of my skull. After we began the session, I felt such great expanding pressure and as soon as I thought, “Wow, he’s really working on me!” you said “and any sensation you’re feeling is all you, your higher self is activating through you, we are only resonating together.” Wow! what many gifts you have, Rama.

I can go on and on, but while I wait for my next private session, I listen to your recordings every day and feel myself activate more each day, even on my own. I was given an mp3 player, (which I really wanted because of your recordings I wasn’t able to listen to yet) because the person said she got a better item and didn’t need it anymore. Even as I type this e-mail, I feel my hair activating and new codings continue to come in. My higher self and many selfs are able to be known by my concious mind now

I want to say more but I think you know what I mean. I feel better every day and even the boys notice a difference. When Mommy’s happy, everybody’s happy.

Much Love and Light to you, Rama,

In Gratitude,

Glenda Gable

Atlanta, Georgia USA


Dear Rama,

I am so very grateful for all you do! There just aren’t enough words to fully express the feeling. Please know what is in my heart.

My daughter, Glenda Gable, has been sharing with me her interaction with you, as has my younger daughter, Carol Bowen. It has been so rewarding to observe the tremendous improvement for them… their health and their lives, resolution of longstanding relationship challenges, and dissolution of old behavior patterns that hindered their sense of joy in living, to list a few.

I have been gratefully following your work, watching your wonderful videos, listening to your beautiful music and have felt the changes and improvement in myself and my own life, as well. YOU ARE SUCH A JOY!! From the first, I have had this very strong sense of a soul link with you, a resonance with what you are saying, as have my daughters and grandsons. We have often talked about how strongly we feel the Truth and value of your teachings (and secretly wonder if you are our Master Kuthumi or Serapis Bey). All three of us have noticed that when we find ourselves struggling with an issue invariably we will get an email from you that addresses that very topic. We have also noticed changes in the material that fits our needs. One of us asked, “How does he do that?!!”, and then the answer mysteriously came that the messages are encoded to fill the need of each individual recipient. It’s like mutable or LIVING WORDS that change themselves to fit the need. THIS IS SOOO COOL, RAMA!!

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

I will be able to do a session with you in March and am really looking forward to it! I also hope to take your next certification course and so does Glenda. In the meantime I so appreciate all of the wonderful material you share with us all. It is such a wonderful Blessing!

May God bless you in every way.

I love you.


Betty Sindlinger

Georgia, USA


thank you for opening my heart to whatever it is out there that touched me, drew me into their embrace and shook my soul so hard that i exploded into light and tears and thankfulness.

i experienced such profound beauty.. this is what i’ve been waiting for all my life..this is what i’ve asked for.. thank you

Jahnavi Ghosh, Calcutta, India


This client participated in my three-day “Body Activations for Abundance” telecall series.


Loved your newsletter ! I have hope that i have not had in so long & had almost given up. I don’t even think i can express everything i am feeling at this moment… wow.

The work the last three nights was beyond amazing & awesome and you give so much……… 🙂

Looking forward to working more soon !


Shari from Texas.


These next two clients are talking about an audio that you can access for free on my site. To get access simply sign up for my free newsletter, get your username and password, and then go to this link: https://evernewjoy.net/?page_id=78

Dear Rama,

Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou, for my lightening experience!!

Listening to Rama Radio – Nervous system activation broadcast, I focussed on my M.O. and gradually felt my whole body tingling and felt joyous and light, so light it felt I was almost levitating above the bed…….Oh great – it really works!!

The next morning I awoke feeling positive and connected and had a really good day.

This morning when I woke up (still positive) I focussed on my M.O.and found myself in such an ecstatic and blissful state again, with my whole body tingling and feeling so alive – natural high, the best ever !! – and the rest of the day has been amazing.

I have felt connected spiritually, and self contained, somehow impervious to negativity, and so light.

Thankyou so much Rama, for showing me this tool, and for your amazing energy and purity.

I love your songs, especially Home chant, and have been playing your rhythm on my djembe.

In Love and gratitude,

Crystal – Cornwall UK


Dear Rama,

It’s really, really, REALLY working!! I would never have guessed how quickly this would take place!

Last week I did the Atomic Astralization (code 118) that activates all the atoms of the body to receive HIGHER ENERGY into the body. The next night, I had a phone session with custom activation with you on the phone, afterward you said I should rebuild my body with fruits and Romaine lettuce, as much as 2 (big) stalks a day or more, and as much fruit as I wanted.

I started the next day without thinking because I was too busy to eat, except the apples and romaine that I packed for lunch. After a few days of grazing so to speak, I noticed I had gone the whole time with no cravings for a single thing! No chocolate, pastries or anything AND I have been a RAW Foodist for 7 days now, NO Symptoms and NO CRAVINGS!! Yeay!!

My health is coming back and I feel JOY of life again, I’m losing weight very quickly and I’m not tired or weak at all. I would never have thought I could overcome the craving of chocolate and junk food after all these years!! Now look at me, all fresh foods, no thoughts of putting anything else in my body, even while preparing meals for the boys. I’m so excited about the new possibilities for my life and my body. I continue to listen to your audios daily, not only as reinforcement but because they are so uplifting!

Thank you for helping me get my life back!

Glenda Gable

Atlanta, GA,

Rama: She later added:

I also wanted to add that I actually FEEL the energy in my body now. I remember when I first felt anything below the head during activation, my throat felt like “the lump before crying”, my stomach had the scared feeling, I had low blood sugar so energy in my body felt like the part before I passed out. I didn’t know that I only associated feeling my body with pain or “something wrong” I remember even during the first phone session, my heart area felt “scratchy inside” because I wasn’t used to feeling ANYTHING good. Thank you for bringing me out of that and back in touch with my higher self.


Dear Rama,

Today i was listening to your Nervous system mp3 (recorded call) and at one point you ask us to concentrate on medulla and you then start talking about joy.. Believe me, i started laughing continuously. just wanted to let you know



Bangalore (India)

Again, go to this link to listen to the audio they are talking about: https://evernewjoy.net/?page_id=78

If you are not signed up for my free newsletter, you can visit: https://evernewjoy.net/signup.htm


Dear Rama,

Thank you so very much for making it possible to join in your telecall after the fact. I had intended to do so in the first place and somehow got distracted. I enjoyed it so much, as I do with all the messages you share with us. I am so attracted to your work, it contains such powerful healing energy! Thank you for all you do, for all you are.

Love and Blessings,

Betty Sindlinger, Stone Mountain, GA, USA.


Thank you Rama:.

That afternoon, after listening to both sessions, lung and womb radio shows, I felt better… Knowing what´s going on works like a tranquilizer…

and that night I was able to feel the crown and the third eye again… I felt relieved!

I will continue to work on activating every part of my body…

I am part of your group!

I ´ve come to help…

Victory to the world…


and much love to you:..





This client ordered a remote healing session for her Mother who resides in Serbia

Dear Rama,

First I want to thank you for your service.

I want to thank you for your kindness and caring.

This is the first time I can feel that someone I ask this type of service to be so loving and truly honest.

In the past, as I did something similar with a couple of people, I didn’t get that and not just that I didn’t get any respond except reply that the money is received.

Thank you again for all that care from the way of informing me when you will proceed with the session to the way of doing the session, and detailed explanation when it’s done. Amazing!


Toronto, Canada


This client is writing to me about the results she has had since learning my body activation techniques with me during a telephone session.

This testimonial is an update to the testimonial below, Aisha is reporting that even her family and friends are noticing the improvements based on the techniques she is using that I showed her during a phone session.

Dear Rama,

I have began telling my friends and family about your work, as they tell me that my face and my eyes are different.

And when I do get on that radio show I shall be telling the listeners.

Thank you for the video and connecting me with my life.

[Rama: Aisha is referring to my Human Light Technology 9 vidoe, you can view it here]

Aisha London UK


Dear Rama,

Thank you for your newsletter.

I have always felt that life was more than just getting old in your body.

I would like to tell you something.

I suffered with Bells Palsy for almost a year, it is not drastic not anymore but it has left the right side of my face looking slightly sad.

Well, the first day for no more that 6 minutes, I exercise my brain by focus [Rama: she is referring to one of the body activation techniques I taught her recently] and flexing as deep as I can, the result is my face no-longer looks sad in fact it looks happy and pleasant with still a very slight drop. After the second day of 6 minutes the slight drop is less.

I shall keep you informed of the progressing results.

So much to do. This is so exciting

Thank you so much

Kind regards

Aisha London UK

[Rama: I teach people techniques that they can practice daily to empower themselves, so they can heal themselves! Now Aisha has a easy, simple, independent way that she can help herself daily to grow toward her Self-healing goals!]


This friend of mine is referring to songs she listened to on my free songs page

awe rama, i was just listening to your songs and they are awesome!! while i was listening to the crown activation one, i had a really wonderful experience that i wanted to share with you, so there i am, listening to your joyful music, minding my own business, thinking about beautiful things, when i open my eyes and see waves of light coming my way. I was really amazed at this and felt soooooo much joy! I let this go on for a little bit and then i closed my eyes and i saw this purple vibrant light for about a minute!!! Anyways, i just wanted to share that with you, i often get the urge just to thank you because you often remind me of all the things and ideas that mean the world to me!

A few hours later she emailed me again….

i listened to that song again, and it happened again!!! I saw golden ‘electrons’ as i like to describe them as, coming in spirals and then when i closed my eyes i saw a deep purple light again! It’s wonderful! 🙂 BtW, i am currently in no position to support the work that you do, but i will always direct people that seek truth and light to your website because i feel so much truth and inspiration there! It’s hard to come accross anything good on the internet these days…anyways have a sunny day! (: (: (:


Chicago, USA


Dear Rama!

Your work, music and videos have helped me greatly during those crazy detox times last year when i was so scared and alone. now i feel great light and wonderful shifts in vibration more and more and i have much appreciation for all you do. 🙂

I am such a huge fan of your work and stand in loving appreciation of your knowledge. After watching your videos and listening to your audios, I always immediately feel a sense of calm and clarity swell up within me. Your truth makes my inner being smile. Thank you for being you Rama.

One love!

Jason Nee, M.S. CCC-SLP



Hi Rama,

I want to Thank You for sending me the Complimentary Planetary Healing Telecall you done recently.

I really appreciate that you thought to send it out to help others and myself.

Since using the ways you teach opening up ours bodies to our higher selves life has gained many many new enlightened opportunities for me that I have noticed so Thank you for helping been a guide to letting myself see and feel my better self 🙂

Smile as life smiles at you 🙂 ShayMcC


Dear Rama,

I recently found your videos on YouTube. I was intrigued by the music in them, at that time I wished I could hear more of them. I then discovered your website, in which I was so happy to find the musics !

After maybe 30 seconds of listening, I started to cry.. of joy I think, because I felt like I understood the huge amount of Love and Joy you are trying to send/give to people. I cried for a good 10 min and then I found myself singing (and sobbing) all of your songs for almost 2 hours 🙂

Thank you for your messages,

Love and Light, Los Vegas, Nevada, USA


Hi Rama!

Been awhile now.. I wanted to continue and get the DNA activation 2. Also i wanted to share with you some of the happenings with me lately..

I have given some healing, and it seems they are getting stronger. Also i am happier and calmer now than ever, and have this every-day joy and anticipation that makes every day truly wonderful, no matter what happens. It is all an experience, and i am deciding how to relate to them, instead of being a victim of past programming. 🙂 In other words, i am experiencing it noe, not just understanding it and longing for it to be so. YEY!

Also, and i wonder if you might have known this all along, i have recieved healings and have also been given hints and bits of info about myself. It all fits and adds up. I have lately been wondering if i might be a `lightbearer` or `frequency holder`, if you understand? I have been afraid my whole life that it be me letting my ego grow way out of proportions thinking i am here for some grand reason, wich i have felt since i was a boy, but then stopping myself, you know – `who the hell do i think i am??` But if i see my experiences more objectively, and allow myself to be placed in a role as someone who has come here to help, then me holding some high frequency of light and that helping mother earth and people seem to fit. And i like it. And i get joyful and good vibes from within when i think of it.

And yesterday i recieved a healing. And suddenly during the healing she started to channel. And i was called `son of the sun`, and Lighbearer and was asked why i let doubt take up space in me when i deep down know that i am here to help.

I want to thank you, dear Rama, for helping me wake up.

Thank you for `listening`, and for all your advice, and your services.

I look forward to the second DNA activation, i think it might start something.. something that is lonked to the greater good.

If you were to take some time to answer and perhaps share some insights here, know i would appretiate it greatly.

I am not here just serve `others`… i am here to serve All.

In Love and Light,

Sign it with Bobby, and i live in Nordland, Norway. 🙂

PS – i am considering your healing course


“Thanks to our session about 2 months ago, when I do your recommended

activations I see angels, and other higher beings quite often. Though

they do not say anything, their presence says it all. It’s all about

love. Peace to you, ”

Lillian. Mt. Pocono, PA.


This client has received several remote healing session from me that have all been custom remote sessions

“During the session I could feel the energy everywhere it was directed to in my body and above my head. It was very interesting, very loving and very powerful. I knew what you were checking, activating and coding. Of course with this work being done there was a great deal of ringing in the ears as well as cellular movement. I tried very hard to stay awake but about half way through the hour I went into a deep sleep.

I woke up early in the morning and was ready for anything, full of joy and anticipation for the new day. I buzzed all day and I am still buzzing….

I saw colours in objects that I didn’t see before. I poured myself a glass of water and the water was pink. The floor turned purple, the computer monitor magenta etc…

I also spent most of the day in the NOW. This is absolutely wonderful…

I have changed a great deal since our first session.

I am more graceful, more serene, more compassionate, more loving, I can even sing now ( I had a beautiful voice at one time. Because I was so unhappy I didn’t sing anymore and gave my voice away. It has returned).

I feel now that I am wide open to give and to receive.

The list is too long and I wish to remain humble so I’ll stop here…

The colours outside are much more vibrant, the light much whiter and last night’s sunset was spectacular. It went from gold, to orange, to pink to magenta with some purple in it. Very healing colours.

My dog stays by my side most of the time. She is evolving and can feel the energies with and around me and basks in them.”

~This client sent me an update the day after the above testimonial…~

“Today was even better than yesterday. My heart is overflowing with love and joy.”

Helene, Ontario, Canada


This client asked for the Energetic Protection Coding (c111), and explains the results here

“Thanks Rama! I just took this coding recently and it develops itself greatly. There is more clarity on a mental level and surroundings don’t feel so bothering anymore. Awesome tool Rama, keep them coming. Victory to You Brother!” -Zvonko

Zvonko, Maribor, Slovenia


Dear Rama,

Having experienced your Emotional Healing and Energetic Protection activations, along with a personal two hour session, I feel infused with renewed energy, more joy, an incredible feeling of strength, openness and connection to my Divine Self, a focused sense of stability and depth that I haven’t experienced before, along with greater calmness and peace. There is great purity and power behind the healing work you do. You are an inspiration to me, and I look forward to experiencing more of the many wonderful gifts you are bringing to the world, which are of such great assistance to our spiritual evolutionary process.

Raechel – Santa Rosa, CA


“Rama performed two Energetic Protection Coding’s (c111) on me at different times. The first one I actually felt him working on my higher dimensional bodies. My body became warm. It started at my belly button and went all the way to the top of my head. I wasn’t sure what to expect since this was the very first time I ever had energy work do on me. Well…the next morning I felt GREAT…Its hard to explain but I did feel like my aura was expanded. I felt light and very happy. The second time he did this same coding on me I felt so calm and relaxed all my tension went away. Rama, Thank you for being a part of my life. You are a great gift for so many. ”

Jacqueline, Florida


This client had a bodily experience that proved to her how the Ever New Joy body activation techinques can reverse the aging process!

“The energy and information within each of Rama’s radio shows focusing on body activations are fascinating.

In particular I can attest to having a very real physical manifestation occur after listening to the show on the rectum organ which helps us to heal our body through the flow of blood and reverse the aging process.

Approaching 47 years of age my monthly cycle has been dissipating quite significantly but after listening to this body activation I experienced an increase in blood flow during my next cycle instead of a further decrease. Surprisingly to me it felt healthy and natural and proved to me that we can indeed reverse the aging process and allow us to regain beauty, health and vitality.

Rama’s body activations are an incredible gift filled with so much insight that shines through clearly.”

Kiernan Antares

Author * Visionary * Inspirational Speaker * Spiritual Healer

Website: www.kiernanantares.com


Oh my god rama, i feel so good, i skipped out of bed last night and i felt so light. Then i had like 5 dreams and they were all lovely about rabbits and cats 🙂 and most of my dreams if i had remembered them recently were always confusing and dark. I feel so much better. I would love to do more sessions, i’m thinking like every week. I’m so happy, thank you so much, you are so wonderful.



~This client had tried many other healing modalities prior to encountering the techniques that I offer. She writes of the profound shift she experienced after having a private session with me .~

“Having experienced and practiced many healing modalities and methods of working with awareness and the body – ranging from Kinesiology, Reiki, Access Consciousness, TM, NLP, Crystals and Electro Crystal Therapies, Dowsing, Shamanic journeying, Native American sweats, Solar Heart journeying, channeling, Bowen, to name just a few – my first session with Rama has brought to awareness a new dimension of strength in the physical manifestation which promises great futures and possibilities.

It is as if parts of my body have awakened which were always waiting for acknowledgment, and which are excited to be in service and participating joyfully in this physical incarnation.

If you are a healing arts practitioner, I highly recommend a session with Rama to add this technique to your smorgasbord of tools at the very least – but I suspect it will transform much more than that!”

Katrina Kross UK Voiceover


It´s been a while since I went vegetarian, and another while since I started trying to meditate..

I have been investigating a little on Metaphysics in the last couple of years, and still I could not connect…

Last week I found Rama´s video on youtube, one about intuition.

I learned about the crown, about the pineal glande; the third eye…

and I did it!!:..

I started to feel the tingling on the area… I started to feel it stronger, like a pressure.

I also felt like a water flow, in circles… stronger, and stronger… I could not believe it!

I felt the connection… I did it!

I am really happy, because now I know, since I have sensed it, that I can really tune in.

I used to wonder, what is about meditation, you know? What is it really about?

Whenever I knew a friend who was into yoga I would inmediately ask her if she has finally made it into meditation,

no one gave me ever an interesting answer… interesting like the experience I am having now.


I still get scared when the feeling gets stronger… and whenever I start feeling how each chakra becomes alive!!… it is really amazing!!…

and so far, when this happens the feeling seems to be more than I can handle… I get scared and everything shuts down. The feeling is gone…

That´s ok, because I have just listened to a few of Ramas videos and radio shows… There is plenty of material still for me to check! It´s been only a week since I discovered him!

And I am so sure that with Ramas help I will learn so much! About my body… about how it all goes around here on planet earth… because when I listen to him… it makes so much sense for me… so much I can not believe it.

The fact is that the way he explains the human body helped me understand and mostly FEEL parts of my body, I did not even know I had!

I wish everybody would learn about this, and we will all be so happy…

ever new joy… on the blue planet.

Sara Sansone



This client experienced profound physical healing.

“Rama’s remote healing eliminated my issues with hemorroids and bleeding”

G.Y. Thomson,GA


~This client experienced a dramatic restoration of her natural physical beauty through remote sessions that I did on her behalf. Click here for more info about remote sessions~

When I starting working with Rama it was mostly to clear depression and loneliness.

We continue to work on these things as the underlying issues causing this come to the surface to be released.

What I had not expected, was the astonishing change in my appearance. I have struggled with emotional trauma all my life and it has left it’s mark on my appearance, especially in the last 2 years when my permanent facial expression became one of deep sadness and even a distortion of my features.

I was starting to look older than my years and thought this had become unreversible, and I decided that physical beauty was not as important as evolving my soul. However, it was effecting my confidence and therefore my work as a healer.

To my amazement my face started looking less and less stressed and younger and younger. My skin is softer, my eyes have their old sparkle back and my chin is that of a much younger woman. Someone remarked yesterday that I looked no more than 35 and I am actually 56.

So the work continues with Rama for the other issues, but my confidence is back when meeting new people and clients.

Thank you Rama I am really reeling like a Goddess these days.

Client in England


~This client experienced a dramatic change in her blood pressure levels as a result of listening to one of Rama’s recorded audio healing sessions~

Addressed to Rama:

“I had mentioned to you about how my blood pressure was affected as I was meditating and transcribing one of the sessions.

I had taken my blood pressure in the early evening and it was 216/115 (pretty darn high!). Then after doing about an hour’s worth of transcribing I checked it again and it was 131/85 (amazing!).

I really enjoy listening to your programs plus they give me a boost in focus on meditation.

Before working with you I just could not really focus properly in meditation.

Now, you have taught me how to FEEL my meditation and it is fantastic to really FEEL like I’m accomplishing something real in my meditation.”

-Arianna Ariel, California


Hello Rama,

How are you doing these days? Thank you for very informative newletters all the time! (Rama: You can sign up for my newsletters here).

I just wanted to give you some heads up 🙂

After the phone session with you a little while ago, I continued practicing the activation by myself, and with your radio show(man your shows are so good).

My life became more miserable and stressful at work. The more I tried to give positive energy(with my attitude and Reiki), the more and more negativity seemed to came out. Now I realized I was helping them to release negative energy, but I just couldn’t take it any more so I QUIT my job, giving up all I have established as well as my Visa and opportunity of getting Green card(it was on the final process and would have got it I had stayed there 1 or 2 more years).

I really jumped off from the cliff. I was so scared but I listened to what my heart said. I decided to become a light worker but how could I help people when I was miserable? Also by experiencing all those stress and unhappiness, I understand how people get stressed out and get trapped in a bad cycle.

And here I am after 1 month. I got Reiki Master degree, started my own Reiki bussiness(catching up very fast!), enjoying a lot of free time, and started learning Shiatsu! The president of my Shiatsu school offered me today, the opportunity of student visa, and a work/study position!!

So I was very surprised what I was offered today, but at the same time I was convinced everything really happens with reasons. A lot of philosophy I’m learning at Shiatsu school overlaps what you are teaching so it’s easy for me to digest. Also all knowledge I’ve been gaining is now connected.

I don’t know what to say Rama, but all I can say is THANK YOU for your assistance, and you helped me to create my own life with my own intension and determination. I’ll continue learning from you, and hoping to see you in person one day…

I can finally believe in myself after 33 years of my life. It’s funny in numerology I have a master number 33(I chose such an challenging path…), and they say your life changes dramatically when you become 33. Boom, I did it!

have a wonderful day and again thank you…

Shinji New York USA


Hi Rama,

I have been going thru the experience of shedding layers feeling more and more like me without reaction to situations i find myself more and more with a healthy response to people and situations .


Last night as i endeavored to go deeper into my body i felt some resistance to it only slight resistance and the i could feel myself being drawn into my body as if my body had become an irresistible living magnet and the i began to experience all kinds of wonderful swirling patterns somewhere inside my head . i wanted to thank you for the simple codes that have helped me to become inwardly more free.


Thank you Susan, New Zealand

ps I realize that the patterns in and

of themselves are not the point, the sense of real freedom is the point for me.


This client found a lover she had lost contact with for 46 years, shortly after contacting me.

I have thought about the same person for forty six years, and it was pretty normal – I would think about him, say a prayer for his health and happiness but about nine months ago it became not so normal as I was constantly thinking about him. I started searching on the internet trying to find him with no luck whatsoever. I found Rama some way or other, I can’t remember how now, but I signed up for his newsletter and got the free content. I had also emailed Rama telling him about my problem and he answered me. After getting his email and doing the free sessions – I went in to work one day and did the exact same search and found my guy – just like that. I had three messages from him before I was able to get back in touch with him. We are staying in touch now through phone and text messages.

I had also mentioned to Rama that I had a problem with constipation; after doing the free sessions – I no longer have that problem.

I have now signed up for a paid session with Rama and will keep you updated as to my progress.

Thanks so much,



A client wrote this email shortly after I assisted her with a private telephone session!


I have to tell you what happened after our visit!

I was inspired to shoot some hoops on my street in front of my house. Lately I’ve been doing this with my children daily at night.

I haven’t been hitting the net like I used to, until tonight.

As soon as I got started, I got as many as I shot!

This went on for quite sometime. I laughed a ton, felt child like, beautiful, connected, and successful!

I successfully shot many many baskets

I ended up having so much fun that I stayed out for over an hour…I even did some of the longest handstands of my life!

What a great night!

Thanks for everything!!!

-Bobbi, Toronto, Canada


My Sister, Glenda…sent me a link to watch your inspirational video-“How to heal yourself”. I have to admit, at first I felt reluctant-then I felt an instantaneous healing-I have been-(in the PAST tense, now) plagued by headaches that at times were so severe, I was unable to function in a normal way. I tried your healing techniques suggested in your video presentation, and felt better-still brain-bruised, but able to complete my daily chores none-the-less- even after just one viewing!

It has now been about two-weeks since I’ve discovered your philosophy, and I must say, it is one of the few things that actually makes sense.

I haven’t had a severe headache since then!

Ideas-WONDERFUL creative-financially supportive ideas are flowing to me at an astonishing rate! It inspires me in so many ways to help guide younger people towards the LIGHT and away from darkness-(I so want to help teens that are caught-up in violence to learn a more peaceful lifestyle.

(“Don’t Tickle Me. Emo” dolls are one of the coolest ideas I’ve had since I’ve been viewing your videos)


You’re so cute-not just physically-but your personality and presentation are so enjoyable! Watching them cheers me up so much!! Thanks!

The fact that you’ve offered your help-GRATIS-and it actually helped, w/o taking from my pocket, has made a tremendous impression on me. Not an easy task-as I have been all too learned in the ways of the world-:)

I look forward to your e-mails very much-It has been a wonderful tool to use to turn my life around-enough to help others find the light as well. I hear your songs, and find myself feeling much happier and optimistic for the future.

Thank You and all of your supporting team for working so hard to bring about such a powerful healing network-VICTORY!! We have been asleep-and slaves-for too long!!

Thank you for helping me to see the beauty in myself, and others-what a wonderful world we live in!!

I am grateful every day just for being here!!


North Carolina


I appreciated your unique approach to healing and empowering the physical body. Your special approach to body and planet healing is truly a gift for humanity and mother Earth.

May your work be filled with unlimited joy and abundance sprinkled

with like minded souls of support!


Tami Dickson




Rama’s work is amazing! I have done a lot of alternative healing but have never experienced such a profound healing in my physical body…

Recently I was diagnosed with a bladder infection and prescribed antibiotics. As my body is so sensitive to medication I knew there had to be a better way to treating the infection. I contacted Rama and he worked with me on the phone, using his own healing gifts as well as guiding and supporting me to healing my own body. He showed me how to use the tools on myself so I could continue the healing process on my own and suggested an eating plan that would help me to detox.

I woke up 5 days later pain free and infection free! That is a miracle.

In the past, not using antibiotics for a bladder infection resulted in hospitalization for a week with kidney and blood infection – very painful and life threatening.

This is a true testament to the work Rama does. Beyond his healing gifts, he awakened me to my own healing power and continues to remind me that everything is within!

I initially started working with Rama for depression and nervous system problems. I was confused, indecisive, exhausted, unable to sleep at night, and lacked the energy and desire to participate in life. My husband divorced me and my friends disowned me because I couldn’t contribute which left them feeling used. I prayed every day for God to take me off the planet as I just could not see the point to my existence.

The work with Rama has changed my life.

In fact, I actually have one now.

I sleep at night and wake up rested, rejuvenated and revitalized. I feel light and clean as if the syrupy goo that had been weighing me down was suddenly wiped off. I am making a contribution.

I actually have a job and go to work, which I have not been able to do for almost 5 years.

Each day I am more and more in touch with my desires and my creativity has gone from flat line to doing things I never dreamed of. Best of all I feel connected to my heart and to God in a whole new way.

I feel. I FEEL!!!

Rama is an extraordinarily gifted healer and servant to the planet. Because of him I am willing to stay here on the planet and do my part for the whole of humanity. We are all One. Thank You Rama for helping me to find the courage to feel and to love and to let my Light shine!

R. Osowski, Wisconsin, USA


This client found that the remote healing session I was doing for her made her want to move around and be physical, and found physical activities easier because of the long distance remote work.

Thank you! I made sure I sat for this one. I felt the energies in the different parts of my body. About 45 minutes into it I started to feel a little restless to get up. I feel a very good calm or I would say at one peace. I worked all day in the yard, taking several breaks. I think working in the dirt helped me stay grounded! I have been living here for 15 years and this summer I have been guided to create several different geometric shapes and gardens. I created a square patio area with container plants, a triangle St. Francis of Assisi animal garden with a glider to sit on (the birds, the squirrels and I love it!) and on the side a circular garden, with beautiful hibiscus as the center. The weird this is, I think I may be moving toward the end of the year. It could be a wanting at this time. I am not sure. I am enjoying creating these gardens so much. Maybe my higher Goddess nature wanted me to work in the dirt to stay anchored. I think with the healings you have been facilitating has helped me move this body without a lot of physical exhaustion. I feel positively angelic.

Thank you!




Private Session Testimonial:


Thank you for such a gift! I found your work invigorating. You taught me some wonderful things about listening to my body and activating my own innate healing abilities. I will take these tools forward in my everyday life. I look forward to future opportunities to work with you. Thank you so much for your healing light!


CJ Martes

Many Blessings,

CJ Martes (Tashi Dolma Lhamo)

International Healer/Author

Developer Akashic Field TherapySM

Visit: www.cjmartes.com


Testimony regarding Higher Dimensional Body Activations From Michelle:

My connection to the Light has never been stronger. I have such an ease and

can easily access very high dimensions with my new Lightbody and High

frequency. Rama’s seminars have helped me tremendously to gain access to

the High Kingdoms of Light and I can easily channel Lady Nada, Quan Yin,

Michael, Kuthumi, Lord Lanto, Hilarion, Melchizedek and so many more. It’s

as if I am hearing them right in my ear and they are as clear as day. This

is because of the High Light Technology and ability to perceive what is

true. My connection has been wired up directly to Prime Creator and I

can see and hear now more than ever before. Any one that has worked with

Rama, is so much clearer. I am amazed at what I am witnessing. My channel

is open and clear and the level of accuracy psychically is spot on. I

have direct access to the Galactic as I have been wired right into Prime

Creator. It is awesome and so much fun. Today I channeled non-stop for

over 12 hours and I am not tired at all!

Michele Denman



“I would like to share this with you all, because he reminded me the ways to activate and feel my Immortality body codes again, to feel the beauty.

I felt sensational and in a continuous blissful state the whole day. my voice changed to a youthful tone, I could not stop smiling and giggling, these codes activated the Powerful Goddess in me, I felt my body energies accelerate and change to a youthful state.

I still feel connected to everything on mother earth and now know how to feed from the fountain of youth,WOW what an experience,

I have the power to activate the big red in us all.

I truly recommend a session.

Thanks Rama!!

Looking forward to the next one 🙂 ”

— Goddess Sofia

Check out what she is doing at lightworkers.org


“Victory! We’ve won! We had a major accomplishment today and we can now say Victory! God/Goddess can take back her creation now. We completed major codes in Creation today and we can now say that yes indeed, Joy can return! Creation has won back her Kingdom!

We will see major changes now, in the physical plane! So much was accomplished that now we can truly say that God took back her kingdom! Everything is in the hands of the highest creation now, everything! What is about to ensue, is the evidence, that all has shifted.

God brought a man into my life named Ramanathan Iyer. My friend Mark Stearn introduced me to him. The minute I felt Rama’s energy I was like, “Holy cow, who is this cat?” His energy is through the roof and his vibration his supreme. I emailed him and he immediately came back with the most loving, supportive energy and deep care for my ascension. I felt his victory and desire to return the cosmos to Creator. He began coaching me and this has gone on the last 21 days. We began to spend hours together, sessions that lasted 6-8 hours long. He helped me completely re-vamp my body and bring me back to my Original Creation, and Highest Self. I have never felt this way before. He stressed the importance of the Goddess energy, the body temple, and being my Highest Self. He gave me codes and energies I have never experienced before, and his work put my energy through the roof, reaching the highest levels of Creation, I have ever felt. I have been astounded. We would work so deeply and then I would need to sleep for 12 hours. I was walking around with a whole new set of codes, energies, and state of being. It has been astounding. The whole key is to return to Joy (our true state) and he has helped me return to this state in the body. When my energy fell Your browser may not support display of this image.today, he said, “Okay, let’s see what you took on from other people, let’s find it in you and then let’s heal this in creation so this never happens to you or anyone else ever again.” I was like Yes! My energy goes way up to high, high joy and then when I go to help others, I feel stuff again. I am tired of the sliding up/down in energy! He is incredibly wise and I’d say genius as any record through time/place, he could track and help me clear. Amazing beyond belief and since he carries the New Creation codes, his job is to help us get there! Ever greater Joy! ”

— Michele Denman

Want to work with a Goddess?

Check her out at micheledenman.com


“I have received healing and guidance from Rama before and am always overwhelmed by his accuracy and acute levels of truth that emerge from such love. Through Rama’s deep insight into the levels of our wonderful vessels I was able to open doorways into myself that I had not experienced in a long time. There are few who don’t come from the wisdom of books but channel from the true depth of their being. Rama is one such being. Thank you Rama. You are a high level integrator of the spirit, a gifted healer and I thank you from my heart for all that you have done for me and of course us all. We love you.”

— Mark Stearn. (Ireland.)

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