Aug 30

Dear One,

In this video I am showing you my latest drumming rhythm with my 14 inch African drum (known as a “djembe”).

After I had finished filming my drumming session, I noticed that some of my neighbors were eating their sole diet of raw food!

As you may know, I am a raw foodist, so I feel quite lucky to have at least three neighbors who are also raw foodists!

Did you know my neighbors can communicate mentally?

In my video I provide you with a text-version of their mental conversation!

This video is mostly for entertainment and is a meant to be a reminder to you that if you want to be as beautiful and happy and vibrant as my raw-food eating neighbors, you should consider incorporating more raw fruits and vegetables into your diet!

I hope you enjoy my drumming and the sight of my lovely neighbors!


Victory to You!


PS: I offer telephone and remote healing sessions that help you to empower your physical body. Eating raw food is in no way a prerequisite for working with me, and I often help people change their diet as part of a telephone session.

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