Aug 15

Here is my video on the grief and attachment heaing coding

Dear One,

I have released a new coding, which is about healing grief and releasing attachments. As you heal grief and release attachments, you then experience a sense of levity, lightness, and laughter.

This coding is a heart center clearing. This coding clears the emerald green chakra center. This coding heals your lungs.

If you have any issues with smoking, chronic crying, inability to cry, or intense life traumas that you have not yet released, then this is the coding for you!


Healing Grief

Grief is stored in the lungs. When you are crying, your chest starts heaving. And this is your body trying to release the grief from your lungs.

Why do we grieve? We grieve when we have strong attachments to someone or something, and then we lose that person or thing. When a pet dies, or a parent or child, we grieve because we have attachments to that person we must now release.


Releasing Attachments

Attachments are stored in the lungs as well. Our attachments are the things that we want to happen or not happen in our lives, or in the lives of people we care about. As you release your attachments, you allow life to happen the way it should. You are no longer affected by things that you wished wouldn’t happen, or things that don’t happen that you wish would happen.

The c114 coding does a massive clearing of your lungs to release attachments and heal grief, and you can see now how these two are intertwined!

As your lungs heal you:

-feel great lightness, as if you are as light as air
-experience great happiness, and want to laugh a lot
-find that you flow more easily through life, just like air flows around physical obstacles.
-do not get upset by other people’s choices or behavior anymore, and concentrate on your own life.

If you would like this coding, you can visit my order page.

Victory to You!


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