Aug 09

This is the first of my video newsletters!

In this newsletter the SUN closely follows what I am talking about it. It is very interesting! I did not plan or record this video multiple times to get this effect, the Sun was literally following what I was saying!

I discuss how GIVING is the way to ease many of your relationships in life, and make people like you very quickly.

I discuss my monthly remote healing sessions with Anita Briggs, which you can sign up for if you are interested. Email me at for more info.

I also talk about my Emotional Healing coding, c113. Here is more information about the c113 remote healing coding:

2 Responses to “My first Video Newsletter! “Give First!””

  1. Ken Says:

    Wow, I think these newsletter videos are great. I am not much of a reader therefore videos are the perfect thing.

    Giving is a frequency of love from the heart and is one of the greatest ways to evolve your soul. I do not just for them but I do it for me too. If I give to others with the knowing that this is one way to raise my frequency, therefore, if someone I give or do something for does not appreciate it, it does not matter because what they do is on them and what I did is on me. If I get even then that is on me and I hinder my growth, or perhaps lessen it.

    However, this giving is a slippery slop, be careful not to cast your pearls before swine because they will trample you and rend you under there feet, as was the case with me.

    When is all done I go back one more level up the tree of life. The more souls going up the better for all things as a whole… well this is my perspective anyway.

    Great idea Rama, something led you to this because so many learn through videos all the time. It is more personal I think.


  2. era Says:

    I’m giving you a big hug, from my heart.

    Thanks for this video.

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