Jun 10

Please do share the link with anyone who you think might be interested! http://youtube.com/watch?v=Jo-XSd9k8RA

This is the fourth part of my lecture on the Human Light Technology system, which is your brain and nervous system.

In this video I finish my discussion of the Crown Chakra organ, the upper cortex of the brain. I describe how it is that your connection to the higher dimensions of energy comes through the top of your head, down into the brain and nervous system, just like sunlight shines down onto the blossom of a flower.

To understand the technique by which you can access this power, please review the first three parts of this series!

They are available thru the links to the right of my site, in the Videos box!

For more about my healing services, you can visit: https://evernewjoy.net/?page_id=4

Remote Healing Video

Video about How Remote Healing Sessions work:



DNA Activation / Pineal Gland Activation

Video about a free Pineal Gland Activation technique, which is a DNA activation technique:



How to Heal Yourself

Video about the process of Self-Healing:


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