Sep 21

Rama Portrait

Rama Portrait

In addition to telephone/skype and email sessions, I now offer Zoom Meetings where you can see me on camera!

I am happy to discuss matters ranging from diet, to physical exercise, to simple spiritual exercises you can practice daily (my body activation system), as well as answering your questions to help guide you on your life journey.

I will be sending you healing energies directly during the zoom call via my appearance as well as my words!

I can record the audio of the zoom call in a high quality format for your future reference!

Camera is optional on your end, but I will have my camera on so I can send you healing and information via body language as well as with my words!

If you are not familiar with Zoom, Zoom is a no-cost app you can download to your pc or mobile phone, which utilizes your phone or PC camera, as well as enabling us to hear each other and share links in a chat system.

If you would prefer skype we can use skype as well!

Order Zoom Meeting Sessions With Rama

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