Jul 08

Dear Ones,

I just had my interview with Tom Murasso today!

It was great fun!

I vibrationally encoded the recording of my interview because during the interview I offered the listeners some coding that the angels wanted me to give.

The vibrationally coding was helping them to re-enter their bodies and also to reconnect to their higher Power Source at the same time.

That world-population-healing coding is available to you too via the audio recording I have on my site.

Tom asked me some wonderful questions!

Some of the topics we discussed were:

-why we are all here on planet earth

-what role planet earth is playing in Cosmic Evolution

-the importance of physical exercise

-how and why humanity got so misprogammed away from their true Nature

-raw foods

-how DNA works

-how my Infinite DNA coding works

-how to truly love people

-and much more!

Here is the link to the interview:

Rama’s Interview with Tom Murasso

Victory to You All!


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