Feb 09

Please share this video with all your friends! I am offering the whole world free healing energies and techniques in this video.

Dear One,

This video is the final video in my Human Light Technology series!

In this part, I guide you through a meditation so we can help heal the world by healing ourselves.

I also give you my core message midway through this video, and close by telling you the absolute core of my healing work.

More details in the video!


At the end of this video is a special song just for YOU.


For more information visit my website, www.evernewjoy.net

Victory to You!


One Response to “The Final Video of My Human Light Technology Series”

  1. Chris Says:

    Hello Rama!

    Much Love and Light to you my soul friend!

    I have a question about this video, about the nervous system. As i am awakening into all this through meditations, chakra openings, i now feel my up teeth, all the upper jaw and also some in the middle back of mouth (still top). It is the nervous sytem ?
    It is awakening slowly like since one week, it also passed through my nose and also on front of my head (i think its the 3rd eye chakra)

    thanks for what you’re doing !

    Lot of Love Joy and Light to you and all website visitors, all people of the planet. We’re all ONE!

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