May 30

Hi there!

I wanted to remind you today of the importance of putting beautiful food into your body!

Just what you eat by itself can soothe your mind and emotions and beautify your body!

One of the things that has always amazed me about eating raw food is how much food can affect your consciousness, emotions, and even your mental strength.

The thing you should remember is that your brain is made of what you eat!

Think about that!


Eating for a Joyful Mind

If you supply your brain with the beautiful forms of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and other foods straight from nature, you have a supply of Beauty Building Blocks.

Your brain can use these Beauty Building Blocks, Nature’s pure elements, to build strong, powerful, and bright!

Your brain’s physical chemical structure directly affects your levels of happiness!

Many studies have been done on various brain chemicals and how they can affect our emotions and even people’s mental stability.

Well think about how much raw, beautiful food can help your brain to produce the right kind and quantity of chemicals and I think you will see my point!

Eat raw, beautiful foods to feel Joyful and have a strong beautiful body!


So What Kind of Raw Foods?

I have always chosen raw foods that are available in the produce section of any store, I am not in any way suggesting you need fancy supplement or foods that only grow on 1 montain in China somewheres.

So to get yourself started/continue eating for a Joyful Mind, by empowering your brain with beautiful food, try this!


Technique To Eat Joyfully

1. Go to the produce section of any store

2. Stare at all the raw food, without thinking about what you “usually” like or have always liked as a kid. Simply stare at the food anew, with a fresh gaze.

3. As you stare at the food, observe how your body responds to each food you are looking at. You are giving your body a chance to choose!

4. Notice which foods your body has the strongest reaction to, as you simply stare.

5. If you notice your emotions simply get happy as you stare at a certain raw food, that is another signal to pay attention to!

6. Your role in this is to simply stare and listen, allowing the laser beams from your eyes to analyze the food from a fresh perspective.

7. As you feel reactions in your body or your emotions to particular raw foods, start cataloging which foods produce the strongest reaction.

8. After you’ve done this process, with calm mind, now you can pick out the foods you had the strongest reactions to!


This is an exercise that let’s you bypass your “routine” shopping mindset and decisions you’ve made in the past.

This exercise helps you to operate from a fresh perspective with your body in charge!

As you try out this exercise, you are giving your body a chance to tell you which foods she wants most, and you might be surprised by what she says!


Joy and Beauty From Your Food

Always remember, when you eat raw food straight from Nature, you are eating Joy and Beauty made manifest in form, which happens to be edible and tasty!

Have fun eating for a Joyful Mind and Beautiful Body!



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