Jan 05

Dear Ones,

Hi there!

I hope you are enjoying 2016 so far, I sure am!

I just had to write to you today to tell you the Joy I am feeling at this, the beginning of 2016!

I can tangibly feel the power of the Heaven and the Universe growing out our location, infiltrating the situation here, bringing all things back to order and balance!

I’ve been doing my non-stop planetary healing work as usual, and I truly feel that loving Power of the Universe is very close to recovering this world!

I feel that people worldwide are ready for a vast improvement to their lives, and are much more interested in cooperating with each other rather than any alternative!

It seems to me that the world is ready for peace, happiness, and ultimately Joy 🙂

I thought 2015 was an amazing year for global progress, people have been maturing worldwide, and when I say maturing, I mean emotionally maturing!

I feel people have had enough, and want to work together now!

The start of this year 2016 feels amazing!

A Divine Order is being restored to the world, every atom and particle is being re-arranged back into a proper alignment.

People I feel will actually cooperate with this Divine Order, which is springing forth from Nature and the physical matter of the world itself.

The planet Herself is rejoicing at this change that is occurring, as the whole world is preparing for a series of wonderful events of global improvement.


How We Can Help

You have the opportunity right now to help usher in this joyous year of 2016 with your positive thoughts and actions of kindness and good will!

Even simple gestures in daily life, acts of kindness toward others, can change people’s lives forever and cause them to spread that same kindness everywhere they go!

More than ever, Joy and Kindness, Love and Friendship, can spread like wildfire through the world as we act as living examples of what we want to flow through the whole world!

Please take a moment now to envision yourself propogating the Joy I am describing as the essence of the year 2016.

Envision the daily thoughts and physical actions that you will take, which will spread this Joy and Harmony everywhere you go!

Together we shall make 2016 the year of Joy!

Victory to Us!



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Victory to You!


Sep 10

Hi there!

My next telephone-based Self-healing course starts October 3rd!

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This is a 3 month course where we meet weekly by phone.

I record each class as an .mp3 audio which you can then listen to throughout the week to boost your personal Self-healing practice.

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May 30

Hi there!

I wanted to remind you today of the importance of putting beautiful food into your body!

Just what you eat by itself can soothe your mind and emotions and beautify your body!

One of the things that has always amazed me about eating raw food is how much food can affect your consciousness, emotions, and even your mental strength.

The thing you should remember is that your brain is made of what you eat!

Think about that!


Eating for a Joyful Mind

If you supply your brain with the beautiful forms of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and other foods straight from nature, you have a supply of Beauty Building Blocks.

Your brain can use these Beauty Building Blocks, Nature’s pure elements, to build strong, powerful, and bright!

Your brain’s physical chemical structure directly affects your levels of happiness!

Many studies have been done on various brain chemicals and how they can affect our emotions and even people’s mental stability.

Well think about how much raw, beautiful food can help your brain to produce the right kind and quantity of chemicals and I think you will see my point!

Eat raw, beautiful foods to feel Joyful and have a strong beautiful body!


So What Kind of Raw Foods?

I have always chosen raw foods that are available in the produce section of any store, I am not in any way suggesting you need fancy supplement or foods that only grow on 1 montain in China somewheres.

So to get yourself started/continue eating for a Joyful Mind, by empowering your brain with beautiful food, try this!


Technique To Eat Joyfully

1. Go to the produce section of any store

2. Stare at all the raw food, without thinking about what you “usually” like or have always liked as a kid. Simply stare at the food anew, with a fresh gaze.

3. As you stare at the food, observe how your body responds to each food you are looking at. You are giving your body a chance to choose!

4. Notice which foods your body has the strongest reaction to, as you simply stare.

5. If you notice your emotions simply get happy as you stare at a certain raw food, that is another signal to pay attention to!

6. Your role in this is to simply stare and listen, allowing the laser beams from your eyes to analyze the food from a fresh perspective.

7. As you feel reactions in your body or your emotions to particular raw foods, start cataloging which foods produce the strongest reaction.

8. After you’ve done this process, with calm mind, now you can pick out the foods you had the strongest reactions to!


This is an exercise that let’s you bypass your “routine” shopping mindset and decisions you’ve made in the past.

This exercise helps you to operate from a fresh perspective with your body in charge!

As you try out this exercise, you are giving your body a chance to tell you which foods she wants most, and you might be surprised by what she says!


Joy and Beauty From Your Food

Always remember, when you eat raw food straight from Nature, you are eating Joy and Beauty made manifest in form, which happens to be edible and tasty!

Have fun eating for a Joyful Mind and Beautiful Body!



Sep 15

Dear One,

Hi there!

Today I wanted to remind you of something very important, as well as you let you know how close we are to Victory!


Before You Came Here

Before you came to this world you were very consciously part of a very important movement, a very important Mission!

We were all researchers trying to figure something out!

We were in fact a team of Beings from all over the whole of Creation.

And our Mission was to save Creation from an unknown threat.

Certain parts of our Show were strangely deteriorating, when they should have been growing greater.

Certain civilizations within the Universe were actually losing their health and beauty, even when they didnt want to, and no one could figure out why.

Certain planets were destabilizing themselves and wiping out whole groups of people, and we, the Defenders of Creation, could not figure out why any of this was happening.


You Came Here to Save Creation

So we decided to do an experiment, and we all incarnated in this world together, as a Cosmic Team, to try and learn as fast as we could and combine our wisdom and life experiences here to find some solution to the unknown illness that was damaging our Beautiful Show.

So I am telling you today, you only came here for one reason! And your reason was to save Creation Itself!


We Are Almost There

Well today I am utterly thrilled to tell you, we are almost there!

As you know I use all my time to do planetary healing work, and Cosmic Healing research!

In other words, I’ve been incessantly working on this Mission to save our Show!

And just a few days ago, between myself and many other members of our Mission like you, the understanding of what went wrong in our Show became very clear.


The End of All Mystery

The idea of a mystery is that something could be hidden from our awareness, that we would discover later.

The problem with this idea is that a mystery is no different than a lie, because in Truth, we already know all things!

Imagine a Mighty Being, powerful and Beautiful, willingly forgetting their own grandeur for a day, and thus forgetting all their power, and feeling weak and unimportant.

This is a lie!

Some would say this is a self-imposed mystery, forgetting their own Grandeur to enjoy rediscovering it again.

But I ask you this, what happens if that Being loses their way so thoroughly that their self-imposed lie lasts more than a day?

What if they can’t find their way home? And for whatever reason they deny all of our assistance to get them back home to their real Nature?

Well I myself have demanded the end of all Mystery in our Show!

All Truths must now be Revealed!

All mystery must be cleared out of our Show!

All the lies/mysteries must be cleared out of every part of Creation!

And that means it is time for everyone everywhere to know that they are in fact Mighty and Powerful and Beautiful Beings!

There is no Being that is not a Divine Presence in our show! But they need to remember it!

And everywhere, all the self-imposed lies must be shed, so that the real Self can be revealed.


When You Really Experience Your Self

When you truly experience your own Beauty and Grandeur, you will simply fall totally in Love with yourself!

And you will realize why you are You and not someone else!

And you will be quite pleased with the choices you’ve made for your own Nature!

You will also see why it was such a travesty that any part of you was ever hidden from you.

All Truths Must Now Be Revealed!

All the world will soon known the real truths behind all the strange shrouding lies/mysteries of this world.

And you can help this happen faster!


How to Help

You can help this transition in this world to happen faster, so that all the Truths of life, of Love and Beauty and Grace, are revealed faster!

The way you can help is be spending time each day envisioning the following:

Daily Vision To Heal the World and Reveal All Truths

I would like you to envision that beneath the physical, just a little bit more subtle than the physical, is a dimension of light, that is constantly swirling like a Storm in Nature!

A constant, perpetual Storm of Light and Joy!

A never ending Swirl of Power and Beauty and Grace!

Just beneath the physical plane!

Just a bit more subtle than the dimension we live in, a perpetual spinning dimension of Living Storm!

Radiant Storm of Light and Power!

The power to make sure that all Truths are known everywhere in the physical plane!

The Beauty and the Joy to suffuse all life in the whole physical plane with so much Fun that all people are having fun all the time!

The Raw Power of a Living Storm to keep everyone in remembrance of their own Selves!

A perptual Infinite Storm of Nature, swirling all the Light into colorful patterns that invigorate us and align us ever more with our own Infinite True Nature!

Please envision this daily! As much as you can!

As you do so you are swirling ethers and the Astral plane, to take on this new alignment in our near-earth vicinity.

You are helping the whole of this Reality to shift into something so pretty you will actually truly Love it 🙂

We are almost there!

Help us all get to the finish faster!

Envision the Astral plane as a Living Storm of Color and Beauty and Power, helping Her to take on this new formation!

Let us all work together now to finish this Mission, so that all Beings can enjoy Beauty Love and Wisdom forever more!

You can help our Victory happen faster!



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