Jan 04

Dear Ones,

Hi there !

Happy 2014 !!

I wanted to share with you today my perspective on the vibrations of 2014 and my visions of our Future 🙂

I must say, I am actually quite ecstatic over the vibrations I am feeling right now, in this beginning of the new year!

The vibrations of 2014 literally feel Heavenly to me!

I have been telling you in my recent newsletters how I feel wonderful things are coming our way!

Well 2014 feels like all so much Beauty coming our way, and faster!


Time for Joy and Beauty

I do feel we are finally in a time when we can just focus on the Joy and the Beauty of what we really want in life, and the world will reshape itself to our vision!

Do you realize you are among the most powerful people in the world?

Your intentions and your visions for a better world are things the whole world wants now!

I feel receptivity everywhere now to our ways of being, people want change and they want what we have to offer 🙂

Now is the time to truly just feel and envision the most Beautiful Future you want for yourself and watch the world follow you now!


Spread the Beauty As Wildfire

We are in an entirely new time period in terms of Humanity’s receptivity to Joy, Love, Beauty and Kindness.

The more you make an effort now to spread vibrations of Beauty, Friendship, and Cooperation, the more you will feel that your good vibrations are like a wildfire of Joy spreading around the world!

I am telling you, this is the time!

The time to feel and focus on just what you truly want for your Future and nothing else!

As you try to feel and envision only the absolute Best and Wonderful things that you want in life,

you are going to magnetize the whole world to follow you!


Time to be the Leader of Joy and Beauty

Now we can finally lead this world’s people to Victory!

There is so much receptivity now!

Starting just with your vibrations, actively shifting your vibrations to be as positive and Beautiful as you can, you will see more and more people change how they interact with you, indicating they are detecting your Happy Vibrations.


Joy is the Victor

I should have to say that Joy is the Victor in this world, Joy has won!

People want Joy, people want Peace, people want Harmony!

And you can be a helper of the Angels and our Friends from all the Realms to bring this Joy and Beauty to this whole world.

Now is the time to spread your Joy and Fun and Rainbow Colors everywhere,

And watch the whole world catch on now, and follow your lead!




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Nov 18

Dear Ones,

Hi there !

I have amazing news for you!

In my constant planetary healing efforts I just had an amazing breakthrough!

I have been vastly successful in facilitating a healing for the Future of our world!


The Future is Magnetic

The future of a person or even the whole planet is a magnetic current, a continous wave of information passing into the physical dimensions from the Higher Planes.

The future is not determined by the Higher Planes alone, we can make choices from within the physical that change the future.

But when you are wanting to look into, understand, or change the future, you must work with this Higher Magnetic Flow that I am talking about.


What Happened to Planet Earth

For a long time the future of planet earth has been severely hampered and tampered with by a variety of means.

This has resulted in change occurring slowly in this world, much slower than it could have been if the magnetism of the future was not so distorted.

It is obvious to me that all people in the world would really like a change for the better, and a more beautiful Future, and faster too!

I’ve been working non-stop in my spare time to try and Repair the Future!


Repairing the Future

I was doing some planetary healing work in the past couple of days to try and figure out how exactly the future of our world was not working correctly and repair it.

The future is a current, a force, and it can be healed!

Well I am very happy to say that I’ve had some massive breakthroughs with the healing of our entire planetary future, and this means Beautiful things are coming our way world-wide ever faster!

To explain exactly what I did, I am going to first give some background information on how I do planetary healing work.


What Planetary Healing is Like For Me

To do planetary healing work, I envision the entire planet in my mind, and tune into Her vibrational field and entire physical body.

I then begin to feel the whole world and what is occurring within Her, and how Her body feels.

I deeply tune into Her body and gather information about patterns I am seeing and feeling.

Once I’ve identified some patterns, and consulted with Her about them, I help Her to strengthen the good patterns and remove the patterns that She doesn’t like.

So really I am facilitating Her own goals and dreams, not just doing whatever I think is best 🙂

So really it’s like one of my one on one healing sessions, but for the Planet 🙂


My Massive Victory

As I was doing my usual planetary healing work, and began to focus on the Future of the planet, which is the 2nd higher dimensional body of the planet,

I began to realize that our future was caught in a never ending cycle, a program, and obviously this program was not one of Endless Beauty.

I worked with the Angels and the planet to remove this programmed future and replace it with a very very awesome Future

The Awesome Future is a future where all Beings get what they want. They get to be wherever they want to be, with whomever they want to be with.

It is a future of Pure Nature and no one having to do anything other than what personally interests them.

It is a Future of Freedom, Fun and Joy!

So I am saying that with the assistance of the Angels and the planet, I’ve finally figured out what has been bugging our planet and our own lives, our planetary future was a programmed mess!

And now that the future of the whole planet is finally healing, you will find new opportunities and Beauty showing up in your life!

So get ready for that!


Look Into the Sky

To get an independent sense of what I am talking about, I recommend you deeply relax and then look into the sky, day or night.

Notice what feelings come up for you as you look into the sky!

The Future comes down from above, so as you look up into the sky you can easily tune into the future that is coming to our world 🙂


Joyous Future Coming Our Way

I am telling you, having been doing planetary healing work my whole life, what is occurring right now for our planet is absolutely massive, and absolutely wonderful!

Celebrate, for a great Victory has occurred for our world and all of us!


May 29

All songs composed and recorded by me, Rama.

Song Lyrics
Song Lyrics on my Songs For You Page!

May 27

Jan 02

3 Day Telecall Series: December 19th – December 21st, 8pm EST

This telecall series was great fun and I covered a lot of info that is useful far into the future! You can order the .mp3 audios via the same link that is listed below.

2012 telecall series

Dear Ones,

Join me live in telecall format (group telephone session) as we work together to heal the planet and ourselves!

Here is a 1 hour interview by Roger Haeske about my upcoming 2012 telecall series!

Roger Interviews Rama about 2012 Telecall Series

This is your opportunity to help usher in the 2012 Shift of the Ages, and also prepare for this Shift!

We will be meeting the 2 days prior to December 21st, and also meeting on Dec 21st itself!

I will be sharing information about what the 2012 Shift of the Ages is all about, as well as giving you techniques to practice to heal yourself and help the world.

The secret of 2012 is that the end of 2012 marks the end of an entire Cosmic cycle, not just a local galactic solar/planetary alignment.

Literally, December 21st, 2012, marks the end of an entire Cosmic Cycle / Revolution of all celestial bodies.

During the call, there will be an introductory time period where you can all meet and hear from each other, and then a time when I mute the line and only my voice can be heard, so that you can all focus.

I will have time to take questions at the beginning of each call, and incorporate your questions into the flow of the call!

Let us work together to prepare for the 2012 Shift of the Ages, as well as to ensure that the maximum benefit occurs to all people in the world and the planet Herself during this once-in-a-lifetime window of Energetic Opportunity!

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