Body Activation FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is the process involved in remote coding? By “coding”, do you meant the pure thought patterns which you convey to my DNA?

Rama: What I do is contact your Higher Self, your soul nature. Your Soul Nature already has the DNA blueprint for the perfect you. So I don’t have to create all the codings I am transmitting to you, I am working with your Highest Self nature to help your body activate your latent blueprints, your latent DNA code.

What I do is I offer your Higher Self ideas as to how to implement your perfect plan as effectively as possible here in this world.

Since I live here like you, I have discovered many ways to empower my body no matter what my circumstances are, and I can help your body to do the same.

Also, I DO provide original blueprints, codes, which your Higher Self can utilize, and so I am offering your Soul Nature new ideas, tools of evolution, that your body can implement here in this world.

This communication occurs via magnetism and more subtle vibrations, and involves primarily your brain and nervous system, for this is how you connect to your Higher Self Nature.

Q: There are numerous organs in our body, so DNA activation involves coding each of the organs? Or is it just the head region?

Rama: DNA code runs the whole body, so whole body is involved, but the DNA command center is the pineal gland, center of your head, same level as eyebrows. 🙂 The pineal gland then recodes every cell of your body very quickly just as the Sun informs all life on the planet very quickly.

Q: Why is it that coding is a continuous process that activates over a period of days , and why is it that people can re-order the same remote coding at a later date to receive additional benefits?

Rama: The coding is a continuous process because I am providing your body with an Eternal Plan, a blueprint, a way of being, that has only the goal of becoming ever greater, ever more, ever new. This is how evolution works!

The coding is not finite, so I could not do it all in one hour even if I wanted to. The DNA blueprints I am providing are eternal patterns, utilizing the beauty of the forms of nature and the laws of Creation, and so you can never fully build a body coding, because it is ever new.

The codings I do are infinite, and are always evolving into new expressions the more you use them.

And this is how Nature works, She is Ever-New. Nature is always growing and inventing new things.

My codings follow the ways of Nature, and so they are ever new.

Our bodies are designed by Nature and so the more we attune to Her laws and heal using the principles of Nature, the happier and healthier we will be!

So the coding is permanent and it is ever new.

The body codings can always be accentuated further at a later date.

You can re order codings you have used before and go further with them as you instantiate /emphasis the coding more and more.

But I do recommend that people order different codings to get a variety of benefits, and to also practice the simple techniques I offer to people daily for greatest spiritual/material benefit.

Q: Is DNA activation required till one attains so called ‘self realization/enlightenment’ stage? is there a point at which there is no DNA activation required ?

Rama: DNA activation is a stimulation of your DNA system, which is only one of the major body systems.

Body activation as I do it is about helping your Higher Self to express itself in your physical body. Body activation is about you expressing your True Nature through your body. You are Prime Creator. You are Infinite Beauty. My role is to help you to express ever more of your Infinitely Beautiful True Nature through your body.

DNA activation places an emphasis on helping your Higher Self to perpetually recode your DNA system so that your light system, your DNA system, is more and more a reflection of your True Nature.

You can do this with any body system!

You can rebuild your bones ever newly, to express more of your True Self, for example.

Self-realization is not a finite process that once it is done, the show is over.

Nature is always growing and becoming new!

“Self realization” is a bit of a misnomer the way people talk about it.

Our goal in being in Creation is to EXPRESS our True Self, not to simply “know” it or “realize” it.

In fact it is only in a world like this where people don’t already know their Self.

Ignorance of the Self is not normal or natural.

Mother Nature knows who She Is.

She is not trying to remember Herself, she knows Herself.

What Nature is busy doing is EXPRESSING Herself as Beauty in endless forms, endless bodies.

That is our real objective also, to be Beauty as Body.

Humans in this modern time period seem to think that simply knowing the Self is the goal , but in actuality we are supposed to be the way the rest of Nature is. We are supposed to be as the whole rest of the Cosmos is.

We are supposed to be in the perpetual act of expressing our True Nature as the beauty of our bodies!

So the DNA activation and all the body activations that I do are part of your eternal process of expressing yourself through your body in ever new, ever more beautiful ways.

So know you see why my business is called Ever New Joy!


Only Ever-Newness!

I tune into many saints and sages in meditation and they are all very eagerly growing and learning new things every day. What are they learning about? They are learning how to make their bodies ever more beautiful, ever more efficient! The most evolved beings I have encountered absolutely love their lives, and love their bodies, and learning how to express their True Self as Joy and Beauty in ever new ways through their bodies!


And that’s what Mother Nature is doing! That’s what the whole Cosmos is doing! That’s what evolution is all about. And my remote codings are assisted-evolution, helping your body to grow and heal and become new faster. In this way your body becomes ever more powerful and you can be who you want to be in this world.

That’s my goal. I want to help you become who you want to be in this world, so you can have what you truly want and be spiritually and materially fulfilled as you enjoy every moment of your presence in your body.

Victory to You!