Monthly Remote Healing Sessions

Dear One,

I have teamed up with Anita Briggs and Bill Austin to bring you a monthly healing activation program!

The remote healing session occurs in the beginning of the month, and then a package is developed for your use.

In the package is a text manual by Anita, a series of vibrationally encoded images by Bill Austin, and a guided activations audio that I do to enable you to go through the activations one by one!

Each month covers a different topic! You are always welcome to contribute your ideas for what activations you would like covered in one of the remote sessions!

As with my other healing offerings, the coding in this remote healing session is not done by me or Anita or Bill, but by your own Highest Self. And all of my contributing energies are simply providing a blueprint for your highest Self to utilize. All of my healing energies focus on activating your body organs and your higher dimensional bodies to help you along toward the goals of that remote healing session.

The cost of each remote session is $75, and it includes a copy of the activations audio package, which you will receive via email as soon as it is available.

The cost of the manual and activations audio package on its own will range from $87 to $107.

You can sign up for 6 months of powerful healing sessions at a cost of $375, which translates to six sessions for the price of five! In addition, you receive some bonuses with the 6-months RHS program.

Visit the Inner Mastery Tools website for more information about the upcoming session!

Victory to You!