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Here is part 2 of my DNA Activation video:

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Dear One,

Did you know that DNA is a tube-like structure carrying inside of it the light of your highest Self?


DNA as a Tube-like Structure

A lot of people talk about DNA having many strands and the potential to activate new strands or re-awaken latent strands of DNA.

One understanding I’d like to offer to you is that DNA is a tube that is meant to contain something.

DNA is meant to contain the Highest Self light, the code of your Highest Potential, which is Infinite.

DNA is like a hose, you can heal the hose and make it bigger, ie, grow new strands of DNA, but until you turn on the faucet, no water will pass through the hose.

The faucet is your crown chakra organ, the organ at the top of the upper cortex of your braion

Once you activate this organ, and properly magnetically wire it to your highest Self, then the great infinite Light of your soul-nature can pass into your DNA tubing and light up your whole body.


DNA is a Prismatic Tubing

DNA is not just any kind of tubing, it is a prismatic structure. This means that as the white light of your highest SELF passes in
to your DNA strands via the crown chakra organ, the DNA tubing refracts the white light into many colors.

Why does your DNA do this?

The white light fo the crown contains a vast amount of information, far more information than you need on a daily basis.

The job of your DNA is to extract out the information that is most relevant for your life, and pass that information to all the different parts of your body.

As different cells and organs look at the DNA for guidance, much as you might look to the sun and the stars for guidance, they see different information.

Your DNA customizes its emissions based on what part of your body is looking at your DNA for information. This is similar to how physicists say that when you look at light you change it just by your perception of it. Quantum physicists say there is no such thing as the objective observer, because we change the reality of the object we are looking at even as the object changes us because we are perceiving it.

So your DNA is a transmitter of information to every cell of your body, and can also guide your conscious mind as you go about your day.

Your DNA is a lattice of rays of sunlight shooting throughout your body in sacred geometric patterns, lighting up the core of every cell and the entire body.

As your DNA activation occurs, you feel great joy and you begin to glow like the sun!

I am now offering a remote DNA activation, which is coding number c115.


The DNA Activation is Tailored to You

Your DNA governs your identity, so I cannot possibly give everyone the same DNA activation, or you’d all become the same!

Each DNA activation is tailored to you, and each time you order the coding, it is tailored to you AT THAT MOMENT.

When I do the DNA activation for you, remotely, I let your Highest Self determine what information to give you at that time to facilitate your activation process. I work to ensure that your DNA system is growing, healing, and as many strands as possible are activating.



I will make sure for every client that you are enabled to grow INFINITE strands of DNA. Why would you want limits on something that is part of your body? You are infinite, and so is your body, because you are Prime Creator. You are Eternal and Immortal and you have a body through which you are expressing yourself.

With INFINITE DNA strands, you will have so much more capacity to express yourself!

Benefits of DNA activation, c115:

-Increases clarity of mind
-Increased levels of joy
-Increased intuition
-Capacity to have Infinite strands of DNA
-Growing inner light that lights up your whole physical body
-Ability to make better decisions for your life
-Capacity to express your Highest Self nature, ever more beautifully
-Ability to get answers to your questions from within
-Higher energy levels

This DNA coding can help you no matter what your stage of evolution is, and will help you further along toward your infinite goal of expressing your Highest Self in form as a beautiful and wise body!

If you would like this coding, please visit my order page.

Victory to You!


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