Jun 24

Dear One,

I just created a new remote coding that helps you and your loved ones to restore their Prime Creator Identity! It is called the “Prime-Creator Identity Restore” (c112).


Your Prime Creator Identity

Your Prime Creator identity is your Highest Self Identity, your Soul Identity, your God-Self, your True Self.

As you re-identify with your Prime Creator Self, you re-access your power, and you remember your Soul Mission in life. Your Soul Mission is your reason for being incarnate here in this world.

This coding helps you get inner guidance, recover your sense of purpose in life, and restores your sense of Self so that you enjoy being alive as you express your True Self.

Joy, deep fulfillment, physical beauty, sense of connection to the higher realms, child-like happiness, greater mental clarity, and the feeling of being a conduit for Prime Creator to bless the world, these are just some of the benefits of the Prime Creator Identity Restore coding.


Helping Loved Ones to Remember Their True Identity

If you have loved ones who you feel are not in a state of remembrance of who they really are, this coding will help your loved ones to reconnect and thus be happier and their actions will be more aligned with their True Nature.

If you have loved ones who you feel are under mind control, are possessed, or are being prevented in any way from accessing their Highest Self, this coding will help them.

This coding helps your loved ones to be free of meddling influences, and enables them to remember a more loving and joyful way of being.


Self-Expression is the Joy of Life

We are in Creation, in bodies, to express our Prime Creator Self, our True Identity, our Highest Self.

As you re-identify with Prime Creator, you realize the joy of life each day as you express your True Self in your body.

Self-expression is what life is all about!

As you activate this coding you will know what I mean for yourself, and will feel a deep continuous joy as you KNOW you are incarnating your Prime Creator Self, your Highest Self.

This coding helps you to feel the Joy of Life all of the time!


How the Coding Works: Assisted Evolution Any Time, Anywhere

All you need to do is order the coding, and then I will give your High Self the blueprint so the coding will be activated in your system.

I do not code you directly. I teach your body how to do the coding.

This is assisted evolution. I am helping your body to evolve more quickly so you can experience more of your True Self on a daily, continuous basis!

I apply the coding remotely, which means you can be doing anything you want while I am assisting the activation of the coding.

To order the coding, visit my order page.

Victory to You!


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