Jun 13

Dear One,

Are you looking for enhanced energetic protection for when you are at work, or dealing with difficult people?

I am offering a new service whereby I can assist you in a remote coding to have increased energetic protection.

I can do this coding in a remote session, at any time.

You can be doing anything you want while the coding is occurring.

I simply assist your Highest Self energies to flow to enable this particular kind of healing to occur.



After this coding runs, you will find you can withstand other people’s negative energies much more easily, and other people’s energies will not “sway” you from your chosen mode of being.

You can use this coding to clear blocks that have been preventing you from doing your Soul Mission here in this world, as well as to clear acute difficult situations with certain people or situations in your life.

Here is a full description of the coding:

Energetic Protection Coding (c111)

In a remote session that is designed to impart this coding, I focus on clearing and activating your higher dimensional bodies and super-activating your brain and nervous system so that very high levels of current / frequency can pass through your body and thus protect your energy field.

This body, as it is activated, forms a shield of flame around your body and helps to harmonize your life circumstances so that the world works in your favor, working in harmony with your Highest Good.

This coding can be used many times to make your higher dimensional bodies stronger and stronger!

In one activation you can expect to feel your aura is larger and deeper, and that other people’s energy cannot affect you any more, or is dramatically reduced.

Beneficial energies from others are in no way obstructed.

All codings I do are simply blueprints that I offer to your highest Self to implement. So your Highest Self is in charge, not me.

This coding involves a tremendous activation of your 2nd higher dimensional body, your thought body / causal body.

You can order this coding on my ordering page.

Victory to You!


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