Sep 24

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Dear One,

Do you find yourself too busy to invest sufficient time toward your healing process?

I offer remote healing sessions where I can assist you with issues ranging from acute physical pains and imbalances, all the way to emotional and spiritual issues.

Whether you are having blood pressure issues, or emotional difficulties with your loved ones, or are wanting greater spiritual clarity, I can assist you long-distance with remote healings.


I Help Your Body To Help Itself

I do not give you my energy, or cause you to align with my source of power. I help your body to access its own source of power.

I help you to heal yourself, even while you are at work or sleeping.

I magnetically guide the power of your body and give your body blueprints for healing that your spiritual Self will only use if they are in your highest good. In this way I am training your body to heal itself!

Then, after the remote session, your body can continue to replicate the healing energies I taught it to create, so that your healing process continues even after the session.

All of the healing occurs through what is known as tachyon energy, which is the power radiating from the brain and nervous system.

I use this tachyon energy, radiating it from my brain to your brain, to teach your body how to heal itself.


Receive Healing Any Time of the Day or Night

I can send your body these healing tachyon energies whether you are at work, with family, eating, sleeping, or having fun!

The codes will get to you no matter what you are doing.

That’s the great advantage of remote healing, it fits very easily into your schedule: any time you want!


Remote Healing Video

For more information, and to see what I look like and sound like up close, you can watch my Remote Healings Video!

For more information about remote healing sessions, visit my services page!

To order a remote healing session, visit my ordering page.

I look forward to assisting you!

Victory to You!


“You have INFINITE POWER to do whatever you want with your life!”

Visit for videos and audios of me and my work.

Email me or call me at 908 892 5125 if you are interested in setting up a session!

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