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Dear Ones,

My newest hour of complimentary audio is available on my site!

The hour-long audio is a recording of today’s radio show, where I talked about the brain and nervous system.

Your brain and nervous system are the Light machine of the body, the technology of Light present within your bodily structure

I had so much fun doing this radio show that I want to do a two hour telecall on this same subject! The telecall is on Saturday the 5th of April, at 8:30pm EST


Upcoming Telecall: April 5th at 8:30pm EST

You can consider this free hour-long radio show to be a good introduction to the material I will be covering during the two hour call!

You can review this free radio show prior to the telecall as background information, but you don’t have to, I will go over everything you need to know during the call, and will expand on the material covered in the radio show.

And together we will practice the techniques I described in the radio show, but for longer periods of time, in a group-healing format!

Let us grow our power together!


64% Discount!

Normally I charge $130 for a two hour telecall, but I am offering this call to you at a 64% discount because I feel this material is so important. So you can attend this information-packed two hour call for $42.

During the call we will be working to heal our brain and nervous system, and we will also be healing the whole planet!

This call is very important, so this telecall is also a call to battle!

The battle is to reclaim our brain and nervous systems so we can be healthy joyful, aligned with Truth, and filled with Light!

May we be victorious together!

May our bodies be suffused with the Light from our brain and nervous systems!

As we focus on the body activations together, during this call, we will heal ourselves, each other, and the whole world!

More information on this call below!

To review the radio show audio, go to: http://evernewjoy.net/audio/ramaradio/

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Empowering Brain and Nervous System
Conference ID: 1122

Date: Saturday, April 5th
Time: 8:30pm Eastern Standard Time

Fee: $42 for the two hour call

To sign up for this telecall visit:

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Please email me with telecall ID
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Website: www.evernewjoy.net
Email: rama@evernewjoy.net

The Brain and Nervous System Centers

The brain and nervous system centers are the upper three organs, corresponding to the upper three chakras of white, violet, and sapphire blue.

The physical organs are the upper cortex of the brain, the pineal gland, and the medulla oblongata.

During this call we will focus on each center individually, then we will focus on all three as a unit!


The Power of Three

As we focus on all three organs at once, we create a powerful magnetic resonance, a harmonic resonance, where we get more than the sum of the parts when we add these three parts together.

In other words we will be adding together the waves of energy coming from the three uppermost organs, and as a result we will generate a degree of light and magnetism that FAR EXCEEDS the mere sum of the energies coming from each of the three organs.

This is harmonic resonance, where you get more as an output than the sum of the inputs.

It is like putting three apples into a box, and getting ten apples back! Where did the extra apples come from?

This is the magic of magnetic harmonic resonance.

I will be talking more about this during the call!


Help Light the World

This world lost the brain and nervous system centers, resulting in ignorance, lack of joy, depression, loss of direction, chaos, war, and other forms of disharmony among people.

We will be working together to restore the brain and nervous system of our bodies and thus we will affect the entire global population.

A few people can be very powerful!

So we will work together during this call to general harmonic resonance amongst ourselves!

Think of it!

Not only are we generating magnetic harmonic resonance by focusing in the three upper brain centers as a unit, but we are also focusing as a group, in the same areas, forming an even more powerful resonance.

Literally we will create a vortex of healing energy together, that will effect the whole planet and beyond.

So come join the battle to light the whole world and restore joy, beauty, harmony, world peace, and happiness among people who will learn to work together again!

Victory Victory Victory!

I hope to have you on the call!


“You have INFINITE POWER to do whatever you want with your life!”

Email me or call me at 908 892 5125 if you are interested in setting up a session!

One Response to “Telecall: Empowering Your Brain and Nervous System”

  1. Brenda (Freo`) McCann Says:

    I am just so delighted to find you – divine masculine healing help!!
    THANK YOU 4 BEING HERE!! NOW!! as my highest and deepest good.

    The first week in Feb.2008 I had what they called a mini-stroke. The weird
    thing is I was unconscious of all of it and then awoke 1/2 healed. Moving 2

    you say: “You have INFINITE POWER to do whatever you want with your life!”
    I say YES and I choose harmonious and easy clearing/healing easily and wonderfully. MA Gii KAH Oui…. snif.

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