Aug 20

I truly feel that my Nature Attunement Healing System is the next step in the evolution of my healing work.

Nature Attunements

Complete List of All Nature Attunements

Rama’s List of Nature Attunements

Nature Attunements

Most Recently Added Nature Attunements

Gold Metal: Massive Aura Power
Galactic Core: Light Joy Love & Wisdom
Rainbow Hurricane Of Joy
Astral Luminous Essence
Rainbow Waterfall

Complimentary 22+min Nature Attunement For You!

Nature Attunements

This audio is a 22+ minute guided meditation that helps you to reconnect to your Highest Self and bring your Perfect Plan for your life into your body.

This Nature Attunement of the Rainbow Sun is a combination of Natural elements that I myself have constructed, weaving together the powers of Nature for your healing benefit.

This entire audio is vibrationally encoded with healing energies to help you become filled with Joy and Wisdom, Light, and Power!

This 22+ minute Rainbow Sun audio is a complete introduction to my Nature Attunement Healing System.

I am presenting this audio to you in complimentary fashion because this single attunement can help you:

-experience great Joy in daily life, even Ever New Joy!

-reconnect to your Soul, your Highest Self, and your Angel Guides

-feel and experience your own True Nature so you know what to do in daily life

-anchor the power of your Soul / Highest Self into your body so you can reshape your entire physical life to be filled with Fun and Joy


More Nature Attunements Audios For You

Here is a list of my current Nature Attunements that I am offering, I am creating more all the time right now!

Rama’s Nature Attunement Healing Audios



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