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Dear One,


Today I wanted to let you know how you can turn yourself and your immediate physical environment into a whirlwind vortex of Light!

Light and gravity are the same.

Not all gravitational fields move in the same direction or have the same flow, and not all gravitational fields are of equal strength.

But all gravitational fields are indeed light fields!

You have a personal gravitational field, a personal light field that is generated by your brain and nervous system.

This is your aura!

You can use the feeling power of your brain to manipulate the magnetic fields that are around you, to generate a vortex of healing energies that will help you and those around you.


Creating a Vortex of Light Around You

Here’s how you do this!

1. First focus in your crown center, or pineal gland, and deeply feel the organ. So you are either feeling the top of your brain, or you are focusing in the center of your head on the same level as your eyebrows.

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2. Feel the gravitational pull of the planet upon your body, by feeling your own physical weight for a few moments.

As you feel more into the pull of gravity upon your body, you are attuning yourself with the force of gravity.

Remember that gravity and Light are the same force!

Your brain can manipulate this gravity/light force that surrounds you right now as you read these words.

3. Use your sense of feeling, the same way you are feeling your crown or pineal gland, to will the magnetic fields around you to form a vortex shape.

You can use the shape of a hurricane as a great model of a vortex.

Feel the magnetic fields around you swirling faster and faster!

The faster the better!

As you do this you generate power and a current that is healing for your body.

This is a great way to improve your mood!

Please do this practice now for a few moments and then keep reading.





Now how do you feel?

Do you feel any different?

If not practice longer and focus on feeling more than visualization.

This is not a visual exercise.

This is a FEELING exercise, where you FEEL your magnetic environment changing and becoming a hurricane-shaped vortex of Light.

If you DO feel different then realize what made you feel different.

What you did worked!

You have manipulated your magnetic environment to create a healing vortex.

Realize that in addition to helping yourself you are helping your loved ones and even the whole town or city that you live in!

The more you spin the magnetic fields of your local environment into a swirling vortex pattern, the more natural power you are generating.

Human bodies can then use this natural power source to heal and also cleanse their mental fields.

Doing this exercise clears your mind and gives your body energy.

Please try doing this technique and let me know of your results!

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Victory to You!

Together we are Re-Lighting the world!



Testimonials About My Healing Services

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Body Activation Certification Course

Registered Body Activation Practitioner (RBAP) Certification

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Remote Healing Codings

What is a Remote Healing Coding?

Here is a video that explains how I do remote healing:

Video: How Remote Sessions Work

Below are some of the remote healing codings that I offer.

Keep in mind I can always do a custom remote healing session to address any issues you send to me by email or talk to me about on the phone.

Energetic Protection (c111) – This coding helps strengthen your aura and your magnetic field and helps you maintain your energetic boundaries. This coding thus helps you maintain your truth and be who you want to be!

Prime Creator Identity Restore (c112) – This coding helps you reconnect to your Highest Self, Prime Creator, and anchor the energies of your Soul-Self into your body. Thus you are enabled to perform your Soul’s mission in this world. This coding helps you be true to yourself and do what you came to this world to do!

Emotional Healing (c113) – This coding helps with emotional healing of all kinds. This coding helps you release grief, clear dysfunctional relationships, establish new and wonderful relationships, release co-dependency and become emotionally self-sufficient, and much more. This coding stimulates the energy body / emotional body, your lungs (to release grief), and the womb/prostate organ (second chakra / orange chakra) to help you feel happy being here in this world.

Grief and Attachment Healing Coding (c114) – This coding helps release grief and attachments from your heart center, the emerald green chakra, which is your heart center. This results in you feeling light and happy and free like air! If you have issues with smoking, chronic crying, inability to cry, depression, or heaviness in your chest, this coding is for you!

DNA Activation Coding (c115) – This coding helps you cultivate your intuition, your connection to the higher dimensions, your joy, your mental clarity, and your ability to be guided by your Highest Self in each decision that you make! The c115 coding gives you a special coding to have INFINITE strands of DNA. This activation helps your whole body to glow like the sun!

Atomic Astralization Coding (Ascension Level 1, coding c118) – This coding helps you reconnect to your Higher Self in order to transmute your atoms to a higher rate of vibration. As your atoms raise in vibration, all the other levels of your body must also raise in vibration, since they are all made of atoms. Your whole body is made of atoms, so energizing the atoms means you energize your whole body! If you want to further your Ascension Process, I highly recommend this coding.

Material-Spiritual Integration Coding (c120) – This coding helps you integrate your physical body with your Highest Self, merging Above and Below. This coding helps to heal your physical thyroid gland and your immune system. This coding promotes a feeling of peace, centeredness, balance, and integrates your Infinite Power with your physical body.

Mother Goddess Coding (c121) – This coding helps you heal your physical body, attune to the Mother energies, and make your body stronger. This coding helps you incarnate the Mother Goddess so you can assist your own bodily healing process and the healing process of the planet and your friends and family. This coding helps you beautify your body, and feel protected and nurtured.

Light Child Support Coding (c123) – This coding helps parents of light children to understand their children better. The coding is primarily designed to help the light children be empowered to deal with life in this world effectively, be happy, and accomplish their soul missions. If you think you are a light child this coding is for you!

Grounding – Physical Body and Astral Body Connection Coding (c124)– This coding helps you to reconnect your physical body and your energy body. This coding helps you to feel grounded all the time so you are stable amidst planetary, social, economic, and personal life changes. This coding helps you to empower and beautify your physical body while also radiating enormous quantities of light into this world.

Self-Value Coding, See Yourself as Your Higher Self (c125) – This Coding helps you to see yourself as God and the Angels see you. Truly you are an infinitely Powerful Being, and this coding helps to recognize this. As you realize your own wonderful-ness, you restore your self-confidence, self-worth, self-image, and self-value. As you restore these things, you love yourself more and turn your life into the Paradise of fun that you always wanted your life to be.

Liver-Healing/ Detoxification Coding (c127) – This coding is very useful for you even if you don’t live in a city, as the current levels of pollution of our air, water, and food supplies are affecting your liver no matter where you live. This coding helps to reduce chronic fatigue and emotional imbalances that can arise from an over-burdened liver.

Infinite Solutions Coding (c128) – This is a coding that enables your Higher Self to help you find solutions more quickly to whatever questions or life issues you are experiencing. This coding utilizes thought-technology that I have developed over many years to enable my body and Higher Self to help me find the solutions to situations in my life much faster, given how many things happen in my life that I need fast answers for! This coding is great if you know where you are going in life or are just beginning to find your way, as this coding is permanent and will help you to further yourself toward your goals no matter what you are doing in life.

Energetic Protection Level 2, c131 – This coding builds on the c111 coding! I have been testing the c131 coding and refining it for more than 2 years. This coding helps you to be who you want to be by creating a safe energetic/magnetic space around you so that you can do deep healing and connect to your Higher Self no matter where you are and no matter what is going on around you.



Energetic Protection Coding c111

How Remote Sessions Work

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DNA Activation Video

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Remote Sessions – I can assist your healing and evolutionary process whether you are at work, are with your family, or doing whatever else you want to be doing!

Telephone Sessions – We meet together by phone and I help you accelerate your healing and evolutionary journey! We can discuss any matters that you feel are important.

Email Counseling Sessions– With email counseling sessions I can answer your questions while also providing you with long distance healing energies.

This option is great if you only have a few questions or talking by phone is not an option for you.

I can assist you to heal anything from physical illness to emotional difficulties in relationships, to spiritual awakening, and anything else you want help with!

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