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Dear One,

Would you like to learn an entire system of healing you can use to heal yourself by your own power?

I would like to offer you a healing system that you can use on your client and friends!

My certification course is designed to help you enhance your existing healing practice, so you can raise your hourly rate, or help you start a new healing practice.

My course has an emphasis on helping you to find or enhance your healing powers so you can create your own healing modality or use the one I show you.

My next certification course starts:

Tuesday, July 7th at 8:30pm EST

The course is three months long, with one class per week, and is done by phone.

Rather than provide you with more details I would like to a highlight what participants are learning in my certification course!

Below are some examples of questions I have asked participants of my spring ’09 graduating class and their answers. As you can see the answers to the same question can vary greatly, but in my course this is normal and wonderful, as I encourage people to have their own viewpoints on everything to maximize our learning together.

Creation was made so we could all learn by having a multipicity of different perspectives 🙂

And of course the answers of the participants of my course do not just reflect what they’ve learned in my course, but also their own innate wisdom.

This course is designed to help you speak your truth and to feel your own truth more deeply, as you feel your body.

So the answers of the participants reflect also the greater depth of understanding they have felt within themselves while doing the body activations in class and while doing the weekly assignments between classes.

Exam question 22. What is the only rule in my system, the one and only, and why do you think it is the only rule in my system?

“Follow the flow of joy.

It’s the only necessary rule because from a state of joy we can connect with the universe via an infinite number of mechanisms and receive its wisdom and knowledge.”

California, USA

“Follow the flow of joy. This is the rule because by following the flow of joy we can let all good things flow easily and most beautifully into our lives. It’s that simple. 😉

Where we feel joy, there becomes more joy and it expands to all around us. I think it’s the only rule because if we are filled with joy and can therefore share it with others and how to reach it with others we would all be living in absolute harmony.”

-Beth, USA

Exam Question 21. What is magnetic resonance? How do you apply magnetic resonance in healing using my system so that both you and the client benefit from the healing session?

“Magnetic resonance is vibrational communication between the Sun and the Earth and between the Earth and nature (plants, animals, humans etc). The sun sends out its ‘tune’, which is received by the earth to which the earth responds. Our bodies in turn respond to to the ‘song’ the Earth is singing. We can recognise this in our bodies by feelings of love and connectedness.

Magnetic resonance can be perceived as a subtle light similar to the light of an aura. As the human body hums and vibrates in response to the Earth’s song, it creates its own electromagnetice field which becomes a source of attraction. So too for plants and animals. In this way, all things in nature are equal.

Therefore, to effect healing, the healer focuses on his/her own body. The client’s body then responds to align itself with the vibrational frequency emitted from the healer’s body.”

-Andrea DeHoyos
Mindful Energy Work

“A) Magnetic resonence is how we heal long distance. It does not follow the limiting view of time and space. It is the same force as gravity and i feel it best when playing with 2 magnets. In a healing session I would activate a body organ and depending on the frequency that region would activate in the client. There is mutual benefit because of harmonic resonence where 1 + 1 =7

Is this why if you are working with elements of nature during a healing session you get the added harmonic resonence similar to the benefit of a group of healers working on a client?”

-Derrek Radabaugh
Florida, USA

Rama: Yes, because the minerals and organs of client’s body have their own intelligence and are the other healers joining the healing session with their own will 🙂

“Magnetic resonance is when we focus on a region within ourselves and hold it directly in our mental sphere to generate an intense magnetic resonance. This resonance is so strong and carries with it intense healing power to the other person. It starts within ourselves though so we are healed at the exact same time.

This makes a healing possible for both people not just the person that feels they need to be healed.

This is also a new way of healing for me but I am finding it to be the most effective I have ever used.”


“Magnetic Resonance- Magnetic Resonance is the same thing as gravity, gravity is Love, it is attraction . This attraction and friendship we feel for Mother Earth and she for us.

Our brain and Nervous system generates our aura, that responds to the gravitational field of the Planet and generates its own gravitational impulses. These are how we attract things in our lives.”

Georgia, USA


What Participants Are Learning In My Certification Course

To read more of what participants learned in my course, including how they answered the question “Explain the importance of being in Nature, as if talking to a client who doesn’t spend any time in Nature,” visit my RBAP page on my site:

What Participants Are Learning in My RBAP Course


The above is just a small glimpse of the kind of questions I ask on the exam and the wonderfully varied answers I get from participants!

Below are some of the new testimonials participants of my RBAP course have sent me within the last two weeks.


More Testimonials Are Available

I have received more testimonials from the participants of the spring ’09 RBAP participants, whose course ends tomorrow!

Here is just three samples of some of the newly available testimonials:

Michael From Canada

In response to the question “What do you perceive as the benefits of the body activation science to yourself?” Michael from Canada wrote:

“I used to suffer from myopia. I realized that by focusing on my medulla oblongada, it relaxes all the structure of my eyes and thus gives me a perfect vision.

I feel a better connection to my body which allow me to be more present in everything I do. To feel more at the present moment than to think about what I am doing next or what I did before.

I am now happier than ever. Happyness and joy is what I am looking for. I also realised that I love myself and thus it is easier for me to be at peace and hormony with everything and everyone else around.

Life is clearer to me. It is no longer a very complicated thing to get through. It is easier for me to get plans formulated and to apply them into my life to reach my goals faster.”



Christophe from France

“…this was the best investment i could ever make in my life: in my body !

This course is for anyone,

if you are wanting to hear more, to feel more, to see more,

or if you are a very grounded person,

if you talk to angels,

if you channel,

it will help improve yourself/your body no matter where you are on your evolutionary journey.

You will literally get some powers you never imagined to have and will be able to use them to help you and others.

Be ready to discover your body, this stranger, and you will also learn the rules of this world.”

-Christophe from France

Andrea of Mindful Energy Work

“Rama, I thought you would enjoy hearing this: You had mentioned in the beginning of the class that the information is available to us energetically whether we can attend the calls in person or not, Interestingly, there were ocassions when I wasn’t able to be on the call in person, so I would listen to the recording a few days later. Several times, I was surprised to hear you speak of things I had that day or a day or so before used or talked about with a client. It seems I was hearing the class on another level afterall!”

Andrea DeHoyos
Mindful Energy Work

To view the rest of the new testimonials visit the RBAP page on my site:

RBAP participant testimonials


Meet a New Community of Friends

I have a tremendous amount of fun doing these RBAP courses, and every class begins to feel like family to me! We meet once a week every week for three months!

The sense of community is something I consciously cultivate in the course.

Sometimes people will be talking to each other for 45 minutes or an hour before I begin the lecture portion of the class!

For more information about the nature of my certification course, and to order, please visit my RBAP page:

Registered Body Activation Practitioner page

Victory to You!


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