Apr 23

Mother Goddess Healing

We are entering a time of massive physical transformation to our bodies, as the planet herself is changing rapidly.

We are part of Her life, and Her body, so as She physically awakens to new levels of beingness and transforms Her body, so must we transform our bodies!

We all have the Mother Goddess in us, as the pelvic sphere of our physical bodies. The True God force, or the True Male energy is our head region, and the child energy is the chest sphere, which unites the Mother (pelvic sphere) and Father (head sphere).


How To Heal the Goddess

You can heal the Goddess in yourself and as the planet and beyond by focusing on your lower three organs, which are equivalent to your lower three chakras.

Your stomach (3rd chakra, yellow), womb/prostate (2nd chakra, orange), and rectum (root chakra, red) are the Goddess Three and are the organs of your body most directly connected to the Goddess Ray of Creation.


any time you wish to more quickly adapt to the physical earth changes that are occurring,

any time you wish to heal faster physically,

any time you want to make the body more beautiful naturally,

any time you want to detoxify the physical body,

any time you want to help Mother Earth in Her transformation process,

and any time you want to be a champion for the Goddess Ray on planet earth (whether you are in male or female body),

focus on your lower three organs, the stomach, womb/prostate, and rectum.

I have made the audios on these organs available at no cost to you on my website under the Rama Radio section of my site, including an audio specifically about the Goddess Three.

To get access to the Rama Radio section of my site, sign up for my complimentary newsletter here:



20 Minute Song about the Mother Goddess

I have an almost 20 minute song you can listen to about the Goddess, to help you to tune into the Mother Goddess energies, the link is further down in this email.

The song is called the “Mother Chant.”


Mother Goddess Coding

I have explained to you how you can, any time you want to, attune to and MAGNIFY the Goddess Ray of Creation, in your own body.

I have shown you how you can do so, at no charge to you!
The techniques I offer to you require no props or specific body postures, and you can do the techniques as often as you want, and they cost you nothing because all you need is your body.

And in the Rama Radio section of my site you can get access to the audios as often as you want, at no cost to you, and even download them if you want to.

So truly you can see that I want you to feel empowered to heal yourself and attune to the Goddess any time you want, and money is not even a factor.

I would, however, also like to offer you a service so that I can help you to attune to the Goddess Ray.

I am releasing a new coding, where I assist your body in attuning to the Mother Goddess.

This coding helps your body to become more beautiful, as the lower three organs are healed.

The Goddess is the champion of the lower body, the pelvic sphere.

We all have the Goddess Ray in us, and as you heal the lower three organs and connect to the earth you become physically stronger, healthier, and your beauty is enhanced.

If you long for the energies of Mother, this coding is for you!

In this coding (c121), I help you to be in the womb-like space of the Mother Goddess of Creation, so you can feel safe and nurtured.

You can get a sampling of the type of energy I am talking about in my Mother Chant:



Mother Goddess Coding Relieves Stress and Increases Strength

The Mother Goddess coding helps you relieve stress by literally making your constitution stronger so you can do more things in a day and not feel as fatigued.

Much of our stress comes from needing to physically, emotionally, and/or mentally DO a lot with our bodies.

As the body becomes physical stronger you think with greater concentration for longer, deal with intense emotional situations better, and do manual labor tasks with greater ease.

So the Mother Goddess coding makes you stronger so that situations that used to but a strain on your body are not even noticed by your body any more.

This coding helps you BE the Mother Goddess, so that you not only feel nurtured by Her, but you can then provide that nurturing energy to your loved ones.

If you would like to order this coding please visit my order page.

Victory to You!


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