Feb 28

This song is not a replacement for the remote DNA activations c115 and c117 that I offer as services.

My Request To You

Please share this video with all your friends! I am offering the whole world free healing energies and techniques in this video.

If you benefit from the healing energies I am offering in this video, the way you can give back to me at no cost to you is to simply spread the word about what I am doing!

Help me light and heal the whole world!



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Dear One,

This video is vibrationally encoded to give you a specific body coding that I offer to my clients.

I am offering you my Infinite DNA activation, for free!

This coding helps you to grow not 12, not 144, but infinite strands of DNA which turns your DNA system into a bundled cable of wires of light which is a conduit for consciousness itself.

This coding will help you become who you want to be in this world and turn your body into LIGHT.

Also, I have constructed a series of video effects in this video to help stimulate your pineal gland and I have vibrationally encoded the imagery to help you connect to your own Higher Self / Soul nature and receive DNA updates.

I hope you enjoy the video!

Victory to You!


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Remote Healing Video

Video about How Remote Healing Sessions work:


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