Jan 24

Dear Ones,

Hi there!

I hope you are having a Joyful Beginning to the year 2020!

Here is a video gift from me that I do think you will enjoy!

My wife Rainbow Goddess and I are dancing to a song composed by Yogananda, additional links and information are in the youtube video description.


Joyful Dance

I find that Joyful Dance heals the Goddess in You!

We all have the Goddess within us, as our bodily Beauty, our health, and our physical vitality.

To improve digestion, your daily mood, and also easily convince yourself to exercise daily, I can highly recommend finding songs that you like and dancing to them.


Letting Loose, Feeling Free, Being Spontaneous

Please be spontaneous, and be Yourself!

If you are not feeling free to Be Yourself anywhere else in your life, please at least practice Joyful Dance from your own center!

If you needed permission to Be Yourself In Motion, I am hereby giving you that permission, so please try Joyfully Dancing at least once, it will change your life forever!


Joyful Dance For Planetary Healing

The more you dance, alone or with partners and friends, the more you will heal and grow to Love each and every day!

As we all fill our Homes with our Love as we Joyfully Dance, we will gain enough planet-wide momentum to steer and correct the course of the world surface culture into exactly the accelerated pace of Victory that we are all wanting!

Joyful Dance is an act of Planetary Healing!

Victory to You!

I hope you have fun dancing today!


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