Feb 10

Dear One,

Is your employer running out of money?

Can you tell you are in a dead-end job that is disappearing?

Are you out of a job, looking for a new way of making a living?

Are you in a holistic business, wondering how grand your future can be?

Many people are wondering what is happening to the future of this world culture, as the money system continues to transform.

I can tell you assuredly that the money is going to continue to flow.

But only for people who are involved in the new paradigms, who want to help heal the planet!

What you are witnessing is the rebirthing of the entire culture.

What you are seeing is the death of the old paradigms and the old ways of being that just do not serve this world or her people.

The money will no longer flow in the old systems that do not support humanity in its evolution to ever greater levels of consciousness.

The money is CHANGING ITS FLOW, not simply disappearing.

If you suppor tthe new ways of being, if you support higher levels of consciousness, beauty, and harmony on planet earth, THE MONEY WILL COME TO YOU.

Mother earth and the angels are taking a harder stance with the lack of harmonious conduct in this world, and are simply not going to allow the money to continue to flow in arenas where the laws of Love and the laws of Nature are not being followed.

So as your form of work aligns ever more closely with the new paradigms that support positive change for the planet and her people, you will find yourself supported.

And here’s why!





In other words, the people of this world are looking for YOU.

But you must show yourself to them!

You must reveal yourself!

You must show your kindness and your grace and your physical beauty.

You must share your caring and consideration with other people around you.


But YOU need money in order to survive, so you must express yourself to the world and also find a way to make money doing something that you love and that you have a natural talent for.

So the people are waking up, I can assure you of that, and they are looking for caring people like you, and they will trust you and give you the money you need in return for the healing services that you can offer.



The money wants to flow to people like you. As you care about yourself, your planet, and the people around you, you send out the right magnetism and the angels are EAGER to send the money to you.


You must present yourself to the world and offer healing services of some kind so that the angels can bring you the money you deserve.

So I highly recommend that you recognize that your old life is dying along with the old world, and YOUR NEW LIFE IS EMERGING.

In the new world, EVERYONE must be in harmony with the planet and each other.

If you want to make the money, you must be helping yourself and other people at the same time, and caring for your planet.

If you want to be a SUCCESS financially, you must follow the changing flows of money.

And money is now moving in the direction of anyone and everyone who is willing to care for themselves and the planet, by utilizing the new paradigms of being. Every one of you is aware of the shifting paradigms.

What I am here to tell you today is that finally the money itself is shifting in favor of the new paradigms.


A Complimentary Song to Tune You Into the New Paradigms

I would like to offer you a complimentary song that will help you to get in touch with the energy of the new paradigms, which are all around the re-activation of the human Light Body, the emotional body.

But first, I want talk about my upcoming telecall series


Upcoming Telecall Series: Following the Changing Flow of Money

This telecall series is about the phenomena I am noticing, where the Prime Creator and the angels themselves are preventing the old paradigms from receiving more money, and so they are failing. But the angels are REDIRECTING THE FLOW OF MONEY to the people who are involved in good works, and the new paradigms.

The course starts next tuesday, a week from today, on tuesday the 17th of february. The class is done by phone for one hour per night starting at 9pm EST.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions!

In this three night course I will be helping you to align yourself with the new flow money.

Here are some of the topics:

-You must do what you love for a living!

You must be happy every day with what you are doing.

-You will probably need to create your own healing modality, or modify an existing independent (entrepreneur) business in order to actually do what you love for a living.

Starting your own business does not have to be hard or expensive! I will be focusing on helping you to realize what kind of a business you can start, or how you can modify an existing business, to better suit your Soul mission and your natural talents.

-You must charge what you are worth!

As you properly value yourself, you will be able to sustain a business where you are doing what you love all the time.

-You must connect to your clients/customers emotionally.

As you heal your emotions and learn to reach out to people emotionally, you will be following the changing times on planet earth.

It is time for emotions to re-surface!

It is time for people to talk about their emotions in public again!

It is time for people to talk opening with their friends, family, and loved ones about their emotions.

As this world culture reopens the emotional dimension in how it operates, the culture will survive and then THRIVE.

And you are fore-runner of cultural transformation, so as you run your business through honestly, love, integrity, and by expressing yourself emotionally to your clients/customers, they will trust you.

People long for a sincerely smiling face!

People will trust you as you show them emotional strength and stability.

When people see that YOU are happy in your life and what you are doing, they will want to follow you.

People are waking up, and they want emotional vibrations more than AIR at this point.

So as they find you through your emotionally vibrant advertising, and see your balanced emotional sate, they will want to buy your services.

There will be many more topics and codings covered during the classes themselves!

Sign up info is below:




Following the Changing Flow of Money

Conference ID: 1134-1136

Dates: Feb. 17th, 18th, and the 19th
Time: 9pm Eastern Standard Time


For one class: $65

For all three classes as a unit: $180

You get a $15 discount.

If you miss a class you will receive the
.mp3 recording which I will vibrationally
encode so you can receive the energies
of the call as if you were attending the call live.

To sign up visit:

When you order, you will be redirected
to a webpage containing the access information
for the call(s). Email me if you do not get forwarded.

If you want to pay by check:
Please email me with telecall IDs
included in subject line

Website: www.evernewjoy.net
Email: rama@evernewjoy.net

Complimentary Song Link

This song helps you to open up your emotional body (your light body) and heal your emotions!

This song is not a pre-requesite for taking my upcoming telecall class series which starts a week from now, but I do recommend this song!


Light Body Activation Lyrics

Around my body,
a globe of light,

Ever growing everywhere!
Expanding, embracing,
glowing, growing
reaching out, embracing….

Embracing the universes,
Embracing Eternity!
Merging with Infinity!
Merging with Infinity, Home, Home, Home!

My Light body! My Light body reaching embracing the universe!
My Light body! My Light body, expanding to fill the universe!

Around my body,
a globe of light,

Ever growing everywhere!
Reaching out, embracing,
Growing, glowing!
Filling the universe.
Expanding, embracing…

Embracing the universes,
Embracing Eternity!
Merging with Infinity!
Merging with Infinity, Home, Home, Home!

My Light body! My Light body expanding to fill the universe!
My Light body! My Light body, shining like the sun!

We are One! We are One Eternal Whole shining like the sun!

My Light body! Shining with the rainbow!
My Light body! My Light body shining with diamond crystal light!

My Light body! My Light body is free at last!
The body of emotions! I am free to express my emotions!
Only Joy! Only Joy for me forever more!
Only Joy! Only Joy for me forever more, ever more, forever more!
Only more! Forever more!
Eternal Joy!
The Body of Emotions!

My Light body! My Light body filled with the colors of the rainbow.
Filled with the colors of life!

My Light body! My Light body filled with the Joy of Being in Creation.

My Light body! My Light body shining everywhere in Creation!
Shining mellow light. The mellow light of the rainbow. Mellow rainbow!
Like the aura of the moon! Like the light of the moon!
Like the Light of the Sun! Like the light of the world!
Like the light in your eyes when you see Love!
Like the light in your eyes when you see Love!

My Light body! My Light body, shining everywhere in Creation!

Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!
My Light body! My Light body, is free at last!
So I can express emotions freely to everyone that I see!

My Light body! My Light body shining in my eyes,
Letting you know you are Home!
You are Home! You are Home! You are free in the Light of the Light Body!

The Light Body! Like the light in your eyes when you see Love!
When you know Love!
When you feel Love!
When you are Love!
Then you are Light!

What is Light? What is Light?
It’s when you see Love!
It’s when you know Love.
It’s when you are Love.
It’s when you feel Whole.

Wholeness! Wholeness is Light!
My Light body is Whole so I am free at last, forevermore, always free!
Only Joy! Only Joy forevermore!

My Light body!
My Light body is Whole, shining like the sun forever more everywhere in Creation

Shine it on! Share it with a friend with the light in your eyes!
Shine it on! Shine it on everywhere you go
With the light of Love in your eyes!

Then we are One family all across the globe!
Freedom! World Peace is ours when we Love everyone
With the Light in our eyes!

Victory to You!


Testimonials About my Body Activations and Services

Have you checked out my Testimonials page lately?

I update it frequently!

You can find out what other people are saying about my services.

Many of the new testimonials are in the Private Session section after my Certification Course section.


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