Feb 04

Dear One,

I have always been fascinated by lightning.

In fact, thunder and lightning storms are perhaps my favorite aspect of Nature at the moment!

I just love them!

I have always wondered why I loved lightning so much.

Once I discovered that the nervous system operates by the same force as lightning, static electricity essentially, I understood my love of lightning.

Our nervous systems get bombarded constantly in this world by stimuli that are not compatible with the body’s true Nature.

In truth, we are a part of Nature.

Our bodies were designed to be in harmony with Nature.

But when we are bombarded by movies, strange images on the TV and internet, and the strange noises of the radio, our nervous systems get overloaded.


How to Heal Nervous System Overload

The way to heal nervous system overload is by focusing in the medulla oblongata, at the very base of the brain.

As you stimulate the nervous system, you can undergo a nervous system cleanse.


Cleanse and Reconnect to Your Higher Self

As you cleanse the nervous system, you can experience joy again and reconnect to your Higher Self, more and more.

The nerve is what I call the God-wire, for it connects us with our pure, True nature.

The nervous system is a network of lightning bolts that instructs the body with information so the body can grow itself according to the specifications of your Higher Self.

As you heal your nervous system, your body will begin to glow!

I have been focusing in my nervous system a lot lately, and I highly encourage you to spend some time doing the same!

It is so invigorating!

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Victory to You!


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