Jan 10

You can view the high resolution version, at my hi res gallery.

Dear One,

This is a free telecall that I gave on Wednesday, January 7th, 2009.

This is a vibrationally LIVING recording.

No matter when you read this words, I assure the energies that were cultivated in this call can still be accessed and you can still contribute your own positive energies for change on planet earth within the context of this particular vortex of power that was this telecall.

I have vibrationally encoded this audio so that you can add your energies to the vortex of energy that was created during this call. The angels I mention in this audio who are facilitating planetary evolution would love to speak with you too and help you too.

So everything I say in this audio is true for you too.

I have everyone on the call focus on their crown chakra / upper cortex of the brain, and also their stomach organ.

I also describe how you can help to alter the future of the planet and how you can help the planet by helping yourself.

Victory to You!


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