Mar 24

Dear Ones,

I have amazing news for you!

The spiritual embargo against planet earth has finally been lifted!

You’ve probably read many times that Beings from beyond this world are not allowed to directly intervene in the affairs of planet earth.

Well that restriction has finally been lifted!

And now the entire Universe is coming to our aid!


Why Was The Embargo Ever In Place

All of the problems on this planet started due to wrongful interference in the evolution of the people of planet earth, putting them off of their normal evolutionary path and turning them into a slave race.

Ever since that happened, and has been happening for many many years,

the Powers of Heaven were resistant to the idea of directly Intervening in human affairs because They did not want to simply perpetuate all this interference in Humanity’s evolutionary path.


What Changed?

Well myself and you and many others have been asking for help for a long time, fully aware that the scope of the issues on planet earth is beyond something we can handle all by ourselves.

Recently myself and a team of Beings, including Shiva, Sananda, Arch Angel Michael, and many others, managed to come up with a plan!

The solution is very simple!


The New Plan

Heaven will directly intervene on planet earth to get all people to a place in their life, where their basic needs are met, so that they can finally be making decisions from their own true Soul Nature.

Once an individual is finally reconnected to their Souls and is really making choices that are of their own Divine Origin,

at that point their evolutionary path becomes their own and Heaven will accept the choices they make.

So yes Heaven will now Intervene, but only to a certain extent!

However this certain extent happens to be the bulk of most people’s daily lives!

Because most people are not in a position to really make choices of their own Soul Nature, due to the constant bombardment and demands put upon them by daily life.


We Are Victorious

Our job, as the ground crew of people who came here to life Humanity up to their next level, has been a massive Success!

Basically, we nurtured Humanity through this phase so that now the entire power of the Universe can aid Humanity


Till Only Joy Remains

You should celebrate this day!

The entire Universe will now come to our aid!

They will work tirelessly and with great Power to help heal our world,

Until Only Joy Remains!


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