May 01

Jan 24

Dear Ones,

Hi there!

I hope you are having a Joyful Beginning to the year 2020!

Here is a video gift from me that I do think you will enjoy!

My wife Rainbow Goddess and I are dancing to a song composed by Yogananda, additional links and information are in the youtube video description.


Joyful Dance

I find that Joyful Dance heals the Goddess in You!

We all have the Goddess within us, as our bodily Beauty, our health, and our physical vitality.

To improve digestion, your daily mood, and also easily convince yourself to exercise daily, I can highly recommend finding songs that you like and dancing to them.


Letting Loose, Feeling Free, Being Spontaneous

Please be spontaneous, and be Yourself!

If you are not feeling free to Be Yourself anywhere else in your life, please at least practice Joyful Dance from your own center!

If you needed permission to Be Yourself In Motion, I am hereby giving you that permission, so please try Joyfully Dancing at least once, it will change your life forever!


Joyful Dance For Planetary Healing

The more you dance, alone or with partners and friends, the more you will heal and grow to Love each and every day!

As we all fill our Homes with our Love as we Joyfully Dance, we will gain enough planet-wide momentum to steer and correct the course of the world surface culture into exactly the accelerated pace of Victory that we are all wanting!

Joyful Dance is an act of Planetary Healing!

Victory to You!

I hope you have fun dancing today!


Jan 05

Jun 01

Dear Ones,

Hi there!!!

Happy 2017!

In my opinion it is Joy Time!


Joy Time

Joy time is a time period we can usher in right now, starting with us!

Your brain is a very powerful magnet, a Reality Generator, and by choosing to think happy and Beautiful thoughts, you propagate that reality into the atomic space around you.

The stronger you think about a Joyful Reality and a Beautiful World, the more your version of how life can be grows!

In fact when you think REALLY strongly about Joy and Beauty and a life that is fun for everyone, your brain-magnetic generates such a strong field that other people around you can benefit from it.

A great modern analogy is wifi internet 🙂

We as humans are now used to the idea that a physical machine can generate an invisible field of a certain radius that you can then connect to via your own physical device (phone or computer).

Well your brain can also generate a strong invisible field that other people’s brains can “dial into!” 

And adding our powers together we can generate a very strong magnetic field where each of our brains is contributing to the combined power of the Reality that we wish to promote!

So again, in my opinion, 2017 means it is Joy Time!

Time for us to simply choose Joy, choose Beauty, and fill our minds with happy thoughts and beautiful images!

As we each do this, we contribute the magnetic potentency of our brains to this Joyful Reality, a magnetic wave of power passing over the atomic structure of this world.

As our magnetic influence becomes stronger and stronger, we can be the ones dictating how the atoms move in this world, and so they shall move toward Joy, Beauty, and a place that feels loving and kind!


How to Grow Your Magnetic Power
Deeply feel in your Hair!

If you’d like to be a Joyful Wifi Hotspot that, combined with others, can generate enough power to modify the atomic structure of the world, I highly recommend you to focus in your hair!

Simply deeply feel all of the hair on top of your head, for at least 10 minutes at a time, several times throughout the day.

If you don’t have much hair up there, you can focus on feeling all of the hair follicles that run along the very top of your head, basically the whole top surface of your head.

Focusing on the top of your head increases your brain’s magnetic power and makes all of your thoughts more potent.


Choosing Joy

We can choose to feel Joy and happiness and fill our minds Beauty!

You don’t have to wait for things to be working perfectly, in fact if you wait things will probably never work the way you want 🙂

You have to imprint, encode your version of life into physical existence!

You have to teach and train and inspire the atoms of the world around you to dance and be happy, and move into the formations that you prefer!

So by choosing Joy now, you can then alter the physical structure of this world to become the way you want it to be so that feeling Joyful becomes effortless 🙂

So choose Joy now and propogate Joy and Beauty with the power of your Brain! 

By choosing to radiate Joy from your brain into the world, you can make it actually manifest into physical Reality!

In fact until we choose Joy NOW, and help make it happen, the atoms of the world will simply be left waiting for our signal, like computers with no internet connection 🙂

So let us all make it be Joy Time, in this year of 2017, by propagating the reality we want here via the power of our brains!

Just remember, your brain is a Reality Generator whose reality is based on your thoughts.

So what reality are you encouraging and propogating? Just watch your thoughts!

What reality do you want to be magnetizing the atoms of the world with? Change your thoughts to be that!

Fill your mind with what you want to have happen in this world, and in the year 2017 we can make it happen.

Oh the Joy we will have, the Beauty we will experience, as we choose Joy and Beauty over and over again this year!


Jul 05

Dear One,

Hiiii there!

Today I wanted to write to you about the importance of Solution Consciousness!

No matter what the situation is, there is always a solution!

As you go about your day, watch your thoughts and observe how often you are focussing on a problem vs how often you are feeling and envisioning a solution!

Here’s a great thing about solutions, they have a way of attracting each other!

Even if you dont know the perfect solution to a situation, if you think of any solution at all, that solution will attract new and better solutions.

By staying in Solution Consciousness, you generate a spiral of ever-better solutions that lead you to your goal and beyond!

So remember this, Solution Consciousness can help you spiral out of any situation, no matter how complicated or insurmountable it seems!

Solution Consciousness as I have coded it in my own life, is an engine of healing and progress that can always help you.

Here’s how you can practice Solution Consciousness:
1. Each time you find your mind starting to dwell on a problem in your life, instead envision the best solution you are currently aware of, even if that is just asking the Universe for help.

2. Even when you are not thinking of problems, you can simply choose to envision your Goals in life, and then your life force will accelerate toward their fulfillment.

3. Never react to a situation, instead stop and think: “would this action really be a solution to this situation?” Only take action when you know you are acting in a state of Solution Consciousnesss!

Let me know how you enjoy using my tool of Solution Consciousness in your daily life to make life ever more fun!

Victory to You!